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    Post [Guide/Tutorial] Fix Nexus 6P Bootloop of Death Boot Image Patch - Android 8.1 & More

    So this was working for a few days then suddenly the sound has completely given up on the device. It won't play anything through Youtube, Play Music, anything. Playing music and it just stops straight away. Playing YouTube just plays the video without sound. I tried using headphones but no...
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    Post how to transfer contacts (VCard) onto HOX?

    So, 1) are you contacts actually on gmail? Use the web to find out, and if not use your old phone to sync them up. 2) is Sync Contacts ticked on the Accounts & Sync screen in settings? Sent from my HTC One X using XDA
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    Post how to transfer contacts (VCard) onto HOX?

    Are your contacts stored in gmail, if so I thought it would sync from there? Sent from my HTC One X using XDA
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    Thread HTC Calculator App, looks terrible?

    Does anyone else's Calculator App look awful, with the fonts looking huge and not quite fitting in the buttons? Sent from my HTC One X using XDA
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    Post [Q] Proudctivity lock screen "issue"

    Same for me, the option in settings allows you to only pick accounts set up in the Email app. Another annoyance!
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    Post Returning my One X... for a replacement

    So you're saying it sorted itself out after a while? Sent from my HTC One X using XDA
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    Thread HTC One X build country?

    Hi, I've seen a lot of talk about different versions from different countries and screens from different manufacturers. How do you find out which country your device had been manufactured in? So far my biggest gripe is the fact that the launcher grid is 4x4, the screen is HUGE, it could easily...
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    Post One X Build Quality Issues

    Got mine from Orange UK, build quality seems very good. How do I find out where it's built? Only thing I've had is after enabling USB debugging it turned the screen into a mobile disco (the whole screen was changing colours tint 5 times a second) until I rebooted!
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    Thread [APP][2.2+] MyJourney 1.0

    Hi, I just released my first paid app MyJourney to the marketplace. The basic premise is, you're driving to somewhere e.g. home from work, and you want to let someone know how you're journey is progressing and what time you expect to get home. This app sends that information via SMS or Email or...
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    Thread [APP] SSP - Soccer Score Prediction

    I've created my first Android app, a free Soccer/Football Score Prediction game. You can choose between a few limited leagues at the moment (most other leagues are finished for a while, but they are all ready to be re-introduced once they've started up again). Just MLS/Brazil/Korea/Japan...
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    Post FootballMonitor 0.39

    Sorry guys. If I get the chance tonight, I will upload what I think I forgot last time. I have uploaded another zip file in the original post Controls.zip Let me know if you need anything else.
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    Post FootballMonitor 0.39

    Ok, I'll get that Controls part for you and upload it. Sent from my HTC Desire using XDA App
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    Post FootballMonitor 0.39

    What version of visual studio did you use? What error did you get? Sent from my HTC Desire using XDA App
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    Post FootballMonitor 0.39

    It was built in Visual Studio 2008, you might be able to build in 2005 though. Sent from my HTC Desire using XDA App
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    Post FootballMonitor 0.39

    Ok, I'm back. Sorry for the delay. Right, I believe the fix is simple. Basically, the software uses a website called m.flashscores.co.uk (mobile site because it's really small imprint), and parses it. The site has recently slightly changed the site look, causing the software to not work...