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    Post [Q] Your Wi-Fi Connection Speed

    It is not real speed poll. It's poll about connection mode between devices. So no need real speed tests :)
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    Post Sound Mod v7.0 for Z3 Z2 [Sony Settings, Dolby, Stereo speaker] Android 5.1.1

    it's strange but original flac sound is better without any dsp, dolby, etc. dolby adds thunder effect :)
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    Thread [Q] Your Wi-Fi Connection Speed

    Please, vote : )
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    Post Z3 Dual Wi-Fi - only 72Mbps

    I still can't understand 1. Why my laptop use 2 antenna in 40Mhz mode = 288 Mbps Link (aka 300) and in the same time my Z3 use 1 antenna in 20Mhz mode = 72 Mbps Link with the same wi-fi access point. 2. And why my Z3 don't use 1 antenna in 40Mhz mode = 144 Mbps Link (Aka 150).
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    Thread Z3 Dual Wi-Fi - only 72Mbps

    My laptop connects with 300Mpbs. But my Xperia connects to the same access point only with 72Mbps. :confused:
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    Post Problems with wi-fi

    may be drivers issue i updated drivers for my usb-wifi on pc and signal become stable but before it had disconnects every minute ps note that my laptop worked fine anyway with the access point, so i think xperia's wifi software can work only with "perfect" wi-fi environment my AP is d-link...
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    Post [APP][2.0.1+][Root] Samba Filesharing Server for Android [Play & Dev builds]

    how to mount exFAT MicroSD ? it mounts only internal storage
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    Post S4 Mini Discussion thread

    How do you think - what disadvantages of sgs3mini? (let's take phones with size of ~4") As for me it's no second mic and no light sensor. All other specs looks cool, phone works like a charm. And upgrade is significant.
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    Post S4 Mini Discussion thread

    I want SGS4 Mini!!! SGS3 Mini vs SGS4 Mini CPU 1000 vs 1700 MHz Light Sensor None vs YES Second Mic None vs YES Resolution and PPI 480x800x232ppi vs 540x960x256ppi Photo 5Mpx vs 8MPx Video HD vs FullHD FrontCam 0.3Mpx vs 1.9Mpx RAM 1Gb vs 1.5Gb ExtMemoryMax 32Gb vs 64Gb Dual SIM None vs YES...
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    Post [MOD][JB][SMS] SecMms.apk MOD - No MMS conversion,No contact limit,Real Timestamps!