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  • Hi.
    are you okay? can not find you on twitter or anywhere else? hope everything will work out for you.
    Whats up? thanks for all your hard work on these great roms. I have a G1 but it is bricked (frozen at g1 screen cant get it into recovery tried everything) but if you can use it its all yours.
    hey --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    everything seems to work great but there is one thing...when i try to sync the facebook it does not respond.....please help me thanks also in the setting it indicate the version is 2.1 not 2.2??
    Hey Eugene,not sure if u member me but I have 2 questions....1st where do I donate....2nd, do we have 2 un-root our fones for January update 2 MT3G/G1 ? Thanx 4 all ur hard work on giving. Us great ROMs....(my gmail/gtalk is unk2009, thanx again.....UnK
    I work for a software company that offers a line of AV products, I have a few free copies and would give you one since i cant afford to make a financial donation, if you were interested??
    i was just wondering if it was possible to make the hero 3g uni rom work on the g1 because theyre both 32 b so its just changing sizes cause of screen differences right? because when i flashed it worked but everything was all missized
    Would like to offer a software donation, but do not want to post details. how could i contact you privately?
    hi, did u added the new version of the rom? just finish rooting my mt2g and i am waiting for ur room to be available to run on my phone, btw do i need to make the ext2 to 3 before flashing the phone?, thanks for everything, btw the room looks so cool
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