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    Post Z play vs oneplus 3

    I'm probably also going to get my dad this phone just because of the battery life. I doubt performance will be an issue with the Moto Z Play tbh.
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    Post OEM Wall Charger

    Any update on this? Curious to know how it performs if you bought one.
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    Post Which phone do you use right now?

    Just got a Nexus 6P on sale.
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    Post The source of the problems is likely the Tegra processor.

    I am a bit curious about the noveau driver. I read that its graphics performance isn't very good in comparison to nvidia's own linux driver when testing desktop gpus in Ubuntu. Why, given this information, would Google use noveau? Also, would Google have forked noveau for ryu?
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    Post mapping problems to serial #

    SB2400 [32GB] 1) Slow Wifi Problem: Through Walls (193ms, 2.59mbps down, 7.88mbps up) compared to a Nexus 6 (3ms, 29.5mbps down, 51.79mbps up) Of course, the Pixel C software related performance issues are here. Regarding touchscreen responsiveness, I haven't felt any missed touches, however...
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    Post Reviewers Wanted - Emergency Charger for Nexus 6

    Hey, I would love to be a reviewer for your charger. Personally I would love to test the durability of this device, and see if it can take being stored in a backpack or pocket with change. Nothing too extreme, but a lot of chargers just can't handle it.
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    Post Cyanogen Themes and more by Commander Cody [latest: White OS Beta 0.4]

    Sorry to ask, but where can I get the wallpaper?
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    Post *** Nexus 6 Shipping Waiting Room ***

    How have you guys been. Late to the Nexus 6 party I see.
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    Post Moto 360 2nd Gen release in early 2015?

    I think that the news saying that the 2nd gen Moto 360 was more of a unbased rumor. We probably won't hear until August of 2015.
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    Post *** Nexus 6 Shipping Waiting Room ***

    Sounds good. I'll update the main post as soon as I get a PM stating how you want it formatted.
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    Post *** Nexus 6 Shipping Waiting Room ***

    A shared Google doc is the best way to go. I know we did that with the Nexus 4 and had thousands of data points, heat maps, etc. It was incredible. Also, I'll be updating the main post in a bit once I figure out what's been happening recently. (A summary would be nice)
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    Thread [Q] Do you guys get a noise when the vibration motor "vibrates" when typing?

    [Q] Do you guys get a noise when the vibration motor "vibrates" when typing? So when I'm typing at all. The vibration motor makes a like scratching noise and doesn't vibrate but when say I call it. It'll vibrate normally. Is this normal?
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    Post Spigen Case

    My only fear is that since the Nexus 6 is so big, that getting the Neo Hybrid will add a lot more bulk making the phone unwieldy. What do you guys think, because I have it for the Nexus 5 and people are always surprised to see how small the phone is out of the case.[
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    Post *** Nexus 6 Shipping Waiting Room ***

    Finally received a shipping notification for 32gb/White/2Day ordered 11/5.
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    Post *** Nexus 6 Shipping Waiting Room ***

    I'm in the same boat. I wish we could take a comprehensive survey but we wouldn't get enough respondents.