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  • Hey, Quick question, I see you had a HBOOT-1.33.0007 (SAPP10000) so I'm assuming this was a 32B phone not 32A? Sorry I also have a vodafone branded German Magic 32B, and just want to make sure I use a SPL that worked for others :)

    Oh, also you said "AmonRA s rom and AmonRa 1.23 recovery inside"
    I'm assuming you mean
    RAv1.6.2G not H from (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=4166538&postcount=1) and recovery-RA-magic-v1.2.3G.img not the H version?
    Hi There,thank you so much for teh Omnia unlock files. I read ur caveat. As i dn knoe what im doing, please give me some pointers on how i should get it unlocked.

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