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    Thread Question Oneplus 9 CN, no wireless charging ?

    Hello, I've just tested a Oneplus 9 Chinese version. Unfortunately wireless charging doesn't work... Is there a way to activate it with a software tweak or is the hardware different from the Global version ?
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    Post Oneplus 8T (Cyberpunk Edition)

    I've just updated my phone to the lastet Hydrogen build and it seems that it's no longer possible to downgrade with MSM in edl mode (the phone restarts after a few seconds...). It restarts when it says "Earsing partition xbl..."
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    Post Oneplus 8T (Cyberpunk Edition)

    Great Thanks but know it says "Unsupported target O2", is there a way to move back to Hydrogen ?
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    Post Oneplus 8T (Cyberpunk Edition)

    Thanks, I have a small issue. When I try to flash Hyrogen with MSM I have this message : Packed Image not exists. Still I've downloaded this file : https://androidfilehost.com/?w=files&flid=320230
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    Post 8T Cyberpunk update help

    There used to be a thread about this but I can't find it anymore in the new version of the forum... If someone is less blind than I and give the link, I would be greatful.
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    Thread Whatsapp on Mate 40 Pro

    Hello, was anyone able to make Whatsapp work on Mate 40 Pro global ? I tried to install it but it keeps saying that "Google Services" are needed, then a circle keeps turning and I can't do anything.... Edit : Sorry, the reason for the issue is that I installed MicroG, once I uninstalled it...
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    Post Can someone with chinese Mate 40 Pro version please test this GMS installation

    It doesn't work with the Global version of Mate 40 Pro, only with the Chinese one...
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    Post QPST Does not work on oxygen is 11 pd4

    I will try but I was mostly focused on 5G
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    Post QPST Does not work on oxygen is 11 pd4

    I did this video. For the moment it's in French but I will do it in English when I have time https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=6DtH0-PZQMw&t=193s
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    Thread How to activate 5G (tested in Switzerland)

    Hello, I've just published a video tutorial which explains how to activate 5G when it doesn't work. It tested the method in Switzerland. The video is only in French at the moment but I will try to do another one in English soon... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6DtH0-PZQMw&t=193s
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    Post QPST Does not work on oxygen is 11 pd4

    That's OK, I was able to solve the problem:)
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    Post QPST Does not work on oxygen is 11 pd4

    Which driver did you install ? I tired Mi5_Qualcomm_Drivers and Xperia 1 Qualcomm Drivers but none of them would install....
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    Thread 5G not working....again...

    Hello, I was hoping that this time 5G would work out of the box with the new Oneplus 8T, unfortunately it does not ! Besides it seems QPST (which allowed to modify carrier policy) doesn't work either on Oxygen 11. I live in Switzerland (carrier Sunrise). Was anyone able to get QPST work on...
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    Post QPST Does not work on oxygen is 11 pd4

    Hello, of course I have the same issue with Oneplus 8T, was anyone able to solve the problem ?
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    Post Getting 5G/VoLTE working on SM-N9860 (HK Note 20 Ultra 5G)

    Hello, does 5G works also when you have 2 active sim cards (one 5G and the other 4G+)?