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  • my phone has also stopped recognising usb, and is also requesting qualcomm cdma driver, right now it wont let me get to usb or pc to install a driver, any ideas?

    it wont even register to my network!
    Im having a really hard time installing 3s remix, matter fact all of the versions of this rom. But I have repartitioned, I have used different sd card and tried even re-downloading the link. Ive tried everything 10 times. Need help.
    Hi. Im new to this scene,but i would like to find a nice sense ui,stable and fast as cyanogen's. Im right now with RZR 1.2, and ill im gonna install yours after work. I would like to know if nano is the base and then i can add all the sense features and widgets i want with updates. Also i dont know how to cook roms but i would be pleased to learn and help you and maybe translate this rom to spanish and add spanish apn to share your work with the spanish community.

    Have a nice day m8
    Can I please ask you a simple question, I am not opposed to reading, but there are a million pages to sift through. How come with the Hero roms we have to partition the SD card, but with the Cyanogen roms we do not have to partition anything?
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