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    Post [ROM][OREO] Pixel Experience [AOSP][Android 8.1-9.x]

    20191125 and 20191128 versions have some problems like this and also have root problems. (Some apps like darQ can't access root privileges.) Please stick to 20191118.
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    Post [ROM][OREO] Pixel Experience [AOSP][Android 8.1-9.x]

    It's too early to answer this. Sometimes that bug happens after two days of usage. Still observing the rom.
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    Post [ROM][OREO] Pixel Experience [AOSP][Android 8.1-9.x]

    Yes, google camera is pre-installed. I want to report a bug If developer reads here : After some time, quick settings and notification menu becomes laggy. Only fix is restart. It wasn't exist on previous 10 betas.
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    Post AOSP [7.1.2_r33]Nougat for Nexus 5 [NZH54D] [25/10/2017]

    I encountered same issue on both inbox and gmail. Tried every gapps package but couldn't solve it. I believe it's a rom related issue. No problem on Unlegacy Android Project rom.
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    Post [ROM][N5][6.0.1] MIUI 8 Global - Version Final [24/07/17]

    Dio_S both miui & google camera apps have green line in recorded video. Am ı the only one having this issue? (No modifications, just flashed bluespark kernel)
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    Post [ROM][7.1.2][08/01] Euclidean OS [Qualcomm LLVM 3.8]

    From my point of view red is far better.
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    Post [ROM][7.1.2][08/01] Euclidean OS [Qualcomm LLVM 3.8]

    Same issue here , screenshot attached. Franco Kernel #104 , Google app v
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    Post [KERNEL] [MIUI8-ANDROID7] [v2.0] [11/02/2017]

    Thanks for sharing your phone's imei numbers to the public :p
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    Post [ROM][FALCON][6.0][STOCK] Identity Crisis 6 v1.5c [17 Jan 2017]

    Call Recorder from Skvalex. You can buy it from Google Play Store. From app recorder settings, choose device as 'Motorola Moto G' or 'Motorola Moto G DS' and recording method as CAF. Works flawlessly.
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    Post [ROM][KK] MIUI6 for Moto G [GPE based]

    Fix for quick settings drop down menu for test 1 rom : 1- Download attachment 2- Extract files 3- Copy the 2 files from 3x3 directory to system/media/theme/default. Set permissions for to 644. Then apply default theme again. (All Credits to Tung_Bill from forums.)
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    Post {NX - Nexus Experience ROM 10.1} - [Ambient Display-Moto Doze] - 16 January

    Bug report : (10.0.4) After rotating screen, graphical glitches on notification bar. Screenshots attached.
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    Post [ROM][5.1][STOCK] Identity Crisis 5.1

    Yes you can. Convert to gpe, flash custom recovery, reformat data to F2FS. Wipe all partitions. Flash
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    Post [DISCONTINUED][ROM][5.0.2][UNOFFICIAL]Android Open Development[AOSP/CAF][03/08]

    Your advice worked but i haven't noticed this problem with cm&official lollipop roms.