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  1. exad

    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL] Resurrection Remix v6.0 [Android 8.1][05/07/18]

    I reflashed stock factory image, booted stock, setup without any security. rebooted, factory rest, and followed the rom flashing process.
  2. exad

    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL] Resurrection Remix v6.0 [Android 8.1][05/07/18]

    I reflashed and I no longer seem to have the slow screen on issue.
  3. exad

    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL] Resurrection Remix v6.0 [Android 8.1][05/07/18]

    It seems like teamwin doesn't have the link for the twrp img posted, does anyone have it mirrored?
  4. exad

    Post [HELP THREAD] HTC One M8 - Ask any questions here!

    To clarify, when I wrote that guide, RUUing would cause the phone to brick or semi brick under certain situations. Hence many of the warnings and precautions. It is possible, at this time, that the risk of bricking is decreased but I have not had an M8 for some time and cannot confirm.
  5. exad

    Post Sony Android TV Users

    Loving nougat on my 900e. Seems really smooth now as others have said. Anyone know how I can disable the default launcher so I can use Nova launcher instead?
  6. exad

    Post Can't boot after TWRP restore

    Had you ever tried restoring the backup before to verify it was stable? Perhaps there was some corruption in the backup file?
  7. exad

    Post android messages slow as a snail. help

    Have you tried clearing the data of the messages app in app settings?
  8. exad

    Post [Q&A] Noob -Friendly Q&A Help Thread - Ask Your Questions Here!

    no issues for sms with me here in Canada on Telus.
  9. exad

    Post [Q&A] Noob -Friendly Q&A Help Thread - Ask Your Questions Here!

    are you using twrp rc1? i would use that. last time i had to boot twrp a few times before it would ask me to decrypt storage properly.
  10. exad

    Post A way to tell the 'mileage' equivalent of a device? (usage history/battery cycles)?

    you could just say that it hasnt been used much. honestly, whats more important is how much warranty is left on the phone, especially the pixel since many of them have hardware issues popping up.
  11. exad

    Post permission denied error when trying to boot twrp.img

    you need to flash the stock boot image first to be able to boot twrp. you need the boot image patcher also, if you intend to flash twrp in order to sign the twrp boot image.
  12. exad

    Post Fastboot boot not working

    it's supposed to work and I don't see why it wouldn't. (I never tried personally) but you will need to have the stock recovery for the OTA to flash.
  13. exad

    Post Marshmallow

    All nougat.
  14. exad

    Post Verizon Unlock?

    nobody could say it should or shouldn't without trying it. if you have to go back from android o to 7.1.2 though, it will factory reset your phone so consider making a backup.