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  • Terry, possibly bricked my G1 trying to root it. I'm on T-Mobile USA in Houston TX. Now, I am in NO WAY a tech/computer guy and NEVER should've attempted this. But, nonetheless it happened. If it is indeed bricked, could I possibly ship it to you, donate appreciatively to your paypal account, and get my phone back in working order???

    Thank you sir
    Hi ezterry,
    any news on your attempt to restore the g1?
    I'm trying in all the way to put the phone in download mode but the command to do it cause the phone to restart... If I find something new i will post on the forum
    Since I did successfully go CM->Rogers->CM->Rogers->brick so I promise they work if you listen to the warning on the restore.

    But no its still a brick. (the next thing to try to un-brick it is a serial wire for the G1.. which I have to make the parts are on order)

    That said I just spotted a documented success here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=5469690&postcount=230

    Just make sure you understand all the steps before pushing forward; thus letting you ask questions before a problem happens.

    Have you been unable to unbrick your phone?

    I'm curious about your method of going to Rogers ROM and back to Cyanogen. I haven't seen anyone else comment on it further in the tread.

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