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    Post *SOLVED* Galaxy S10 rotate sensor issues after update to One UI 3.0

    *SOLVED* Ok then, finally seem to have this sorted. What I ended up doing was: Downloading the latest firmware (the firmware that caused the problem) using frija. I took a complete backup onto my laptop using Smart Switch. I then flashed the firmware using Odin but again after a few hours...
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    Post [Tool] Frija - Samsung firmware downloader/checker

    I didn't think of a nand erase.. I will try this tomorrow.. Thank you. I have both CSC files.. so which CSC you are saying I should use?
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    Post [Tool] Frija - Samsung firmware downloader/checker

    Tried a factory reset and still the same issues. Tried multiple factory resets! Can anyone tell me if downgrading to android 10 can be done using frija? That's my next step.. maybe I'll try upgrading to 11 again in a few months
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    Post [Tool] Frija - Samsung firmware downloader/checker

    Looks as though its an Android 11 issue? I updated OTA last week and it has ruined my phone! All of the sensors are only working after a restart for anywhere between 20min to 8 hours and they all stop then. Downloaded Frija (v1.4.3.0.) and downloaded my latest version for Model: SM-G9730 (Galaxy...
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    Thread *SOLVED* Galaxy S10 rotate sensor issues after update to One UI 3.0

    *SOLVED* Hi all, Have my Galaxy S10 SM-G9730 Dual Sim (unrooted) for about 18months now and has never skipped a beat.... until the new One UI 3.0 update that I got a few days ago. After a restart everything works fine then after 15min-2hrs I will lose auto rotate, screen brightness is also...
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    Post Will buying an S10 from UAE effect me?

    Let's not get crazy here! Nobody is gifting anything! We are both buying phones and paying for our own! Haha.. If I had the money to gift a $1000 phone then I would like to imagine I wouldn't need to worry about saving $300! ? We are pretty good with our phones (both have 3+ year old S7's) the...
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    Thread Will buying an S10 from UAE effect me?

    Hey guys, So my sister lives in Abu Dhabi UAE and she can get me an S10 for about $200-$300 cheaper than I can get here in Australia. My question is if I get her to buy one for me and ship it here will it have any downfalls? I don't use Samsung Pay but I do use Google Pay. While I'm not too...
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    Post Best HU to get at the moment

    I was thinking of contacting them but I have a feeling that it would take too long to get a reply that would have a straight answer. Joying are having their Christmas sale on Thursday and Friday so would have to get answers by then. After some thinking today I have decided to go for the Joying...
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    Post Best HU to get at the moment

    So I have been in contact with cadillacmike and he's still running a Dasaita and seems pretty happy with it. I was thinking I may give it a go but then I started thinking about support (xda, root, mods etc.) and when I look into it, it seems that there is little to no support for the Dasaita...
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    Post Dasaita Hot Audio - Android 8.0 - 4GB of RAM - PX5 overview

    Hey Mike, Are you still rocking the Dasaita? I recently sold my car with my 2GB Joying Intel Sofia in it. It was an ok unit but a little sluggish at times and always seemed to have a Bluetooth disconnect/reconnect bug. Looking for a replacement now and debating who to go with. Seems to be a...
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    Post Best HU to get at the moment

    Yeah I saw on Reddit that he settled on a Seicane But I haven't heard of them all that much. Maybe I'll look more into him if he has some YouTube videos. Cheers
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    Post Best HU to get at the moment

    That's fine, all I was asking for was opinions, nobody expected anyone to come on here with all of the answers. The point of the thread was anyone to come on and give an option of what they "THINK" of some of the newer android 8.0 units, pros and cons they may have come across on their...
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    Post Best HU to get at the moment

    But that's what I'm asking.. Which do people think have better screens, Bluetooth or custom ROMs? I know they are all lower quality and I'm good with that, I just don't want the 1 I get to bite me in the ass. The name brand units don't support full android anyway so no point in looking at them...
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    Post Best HU to get at the moment

    Bump.. Anybody got any ideas?
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    Thread Podcasts in Ultra Power Saver Mode?

    Hi guys, So I have rooted my S7 and added my podcast app (podcast addict) to the system apps using app systemizer on magisk. Everything was sweet in UPSM, could add my app to the shortlist. Then I tried playing a podcast. I lock the screen and after a few seconds the app stops playing. I presume...