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    Post MTCD PX5 - External power supply - Any info

    in all devices that i tested at home i found you need at least a power supply of 12V 15amps. Power supply i use here As for connecting the unit Red and yellow wire to + and black to - best way is to get a Universal Male ISO Radio Wiring Harness some units use a small thin red wire now just for...
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    Post Control of stock Peugeot 308 LCD Display

    same problem here with a Witson unit the worst is the you cant change the clock. The only way to change the clock is by installing the original stereo! the km/miles per hour also does not toggle . even though i know it can do it, if i reboot the device and look at the dashboard the trip...
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    Post Help!!! my note 8 stuck in "system ui has stopped

    this happened 3 times to my note 8, the culprit seems to be android pay, once you add a credit card to be specific . To fix the phone you need to put the phone in powersaving mode via Samsung dive then reboot. once the phone rebooted in power saving mode just put it back to normal , after this...
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    Post New again Dasaita Android 7.1.1 Headunit New PX3 Platform Quad-Core RAM 2GB+ROM 16GB

    i have a new mtce with android 7 unit and it does not have this problem, google now work flawless with only the internal mic, did not try the external mic as it wasn't needed . my device:
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    Post MTCD - Verified Cross compatible MCUs

    I dont have to share, its in the unit, i'm waiting for the seller to send the Rom/mcu. No playing with it until i have a backup rom:D
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    Post MTCD - Verified Cross compatible MCUs

    some info about MTCE MCU The new mtce mcus are from the new Rockchip PX3 Cortex A9, 4-core 1.6GHz updated boards running android 7.1. One of the manufactures using it is WITSON . Here is an example of my unit : mcu MTCE_MX_V2.65.1 (Please note that THE ABOVE also shows up as an MTCD_MX mcu...
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    Post Don't try this at home: my unrepeatable and highly dubious N4 "MMC_read_failed" fix

    Just a note to let you know I fixed my note 4 with the same issue as you after I sent twice to Samsung and returned unfixed. I removed the motherboard and cooked in the oven for 10 minutes 180c. The phone has been working flawless for a week. I' will post a detailed account of it soon.
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    Post [ROM][RK3188][HD] Malaysk ROMs Lollipop 5.1.1 for any yet known MTCB-Device

    This 5.1 update is missing the lib files for 3g etc. I just added the lib files to the rom and recompile it and my 3g modem is working now, still no Apn settings on Settings but in my case is not needed.
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    Post [MOD][APP] MTCScreenClock MPH & KM/H

    Perfect now :D Many thanks.
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    Post [MOD][APP] MTCScreenClock MPH & KM/H

    Hi Goose247, Could you also fix the alignment on the MTCScreenClock_chrome_vauxhall_MPH Please? Same issue as the Suzuki, Many thanks.
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    Post erisin ES3090A Recovery mode

    sim , resolvi o problema, este apparelho nao tem recovery com acesso. Consegui a Rom para restaurar o aparelho. Ja usas-te o reset button?
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    Post Help identify/Root Erisin ES9015V

    root unit with Kingroot (you will need an internet connection) Install Supersu-me. This units have NO user accessible recovery! If you mess with system files it will turn into a soft brick! The only way to fix it is with a rom installation...
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    Post Generic Android headunit (Erisin ES8990A) Information

    I got one of this quad-core unit. Unfortunately is stuck on the android splash screen, does any knows how to get out of it?
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    Thread erisin ES3090A Recovery mode

    Does any one know how to get into recovery mode on this unit? Currently my unit is stuck on the Android splash screen. Any thoughts/advice welcome. Many Thanks. Update: This...
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    Post Thoughts? Erisin 3090A - Single Din, quad core, 4.4, 1024x600

    I got both. Eonon GA1312: Bluetooth is total crap , no one can hear you in a call . Missing 3g apn setup unable to change panel leds color, they are blue and blinding. no detachable front fascia front usb and front audio in Simple to root with a password. Some apps cannot pass the initial screen...