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    Post [SoftKeyZ] Upload your Navigation Buttons and share them with all SoftKeyZ users!

    Xperia tablet z Hi guys Can someone made xperia tablet z softkey theme Thanks:)
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    Post [Q] I want to root AXTROM AXPAD V1 7I01

    try "super one click" it work!
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    Post Happy Nowruz(Persian New Year)

    Happy Happy Nowruz to everyone special Iranian all around the world :highfive:
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    Post [Q] USB OTG

    so not need special kernel? just need external power and then it will work? X10man and you told "this is for mini pro", your purpose is "mini" not support? --------------------------------------------- sorry for my english
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    Thread [Q] USB OTG

    hi guys i have a stupid question X10 mini support USB OTG? :eek: How?which ROM? which Kernel?
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    Post [ROM]WP7 for X10 minipro [Updated: 24/11/2012]

    wow!!! its amazing but where is E10 version?
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    Post [Request] Original 1.6 Firmware!

    wow!!! yes i need thank u so much bro :x what about E10? --------------------update---------------------- i flash U20 1.6 firmware on E10 touch does not work and buttons response is wrong
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    Post [ROM] Semc Debrand Engine | 3.0_FINAL | FreeXperia Project | 6.0.B.0.743 | UPDATED !

    hi dear Achotjan and thanks for your amazing ROM there is some little bug xperia keyboard in Persian language the Persian letters is cluttered 2. there is empty place!!!! remove it!!! 3. in massage setting when i click "push setting" i see FC!!! (of curse i don't know what is this :D)...
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    Post [Request] Original 1.6 Firmware!

    not yet but i find someone with 1.6 android!!!!! but she is Beginner it's hard to learn she how make backup of rom but when i give it i will tell u
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    Post [ROM][XperiaX10M] v4 ICS[2.10.12][STABLE][UOSnapSeries][15/10/2012][Uploaded]

    plz first complete E10 and then go for U20!!! there is some lite bug!!!! fix they and release final version thank for your rom its the best
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    Post [Q] which kernel support MHL cable for U?

    yes u right! but if i tell him buy cable and then it did not worked he will kill me!!!! :D :p
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    Post [Q] which kernel support MHL cable for U?

    thanks for your answers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Thread [Q] which kernel support MHL cable for U?

    hi guys my friend want to see devise screen on TV! but U haven't HDMI port! so he can use MHL cable??? if yes which kernel support HML cable for XPERIA U? cheers --------------------------------------------------- sorry for my english! :p
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    Post [Q] backup and restore.apk!

    no way??? :crying: for example extract that from another xperia orginal rom like XPERA MINI??:confused: