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  • where can I get the haret.exe to run the Android OS 2.0.1 for X1 [ Platinum Edition Update 21 February 2010 ]?
    Salam kenal, saya tadi sudah kirim PM, tapi sekarang akhirnya saya kirim VM karena saya bertujuan sekalian kepada programmer yang dari Indonesia.

    "Saya ada lowongan kerja sebagai programmer di Seoul, Korea Selatan, yang mau kerja silahkan hubungi saya melalui hlim(@)cellulardiary(.)com"

    Maaf, kalau VM ini kurang berkenan, cheer ~
    Dear fatsal, I am breathlessly watching the progress on X1buntu. This really is a showcase on how globalization can do positive things. I am not yet ready to run it on my X1 and do some testing, but I want to offer you my help on English - if you want to, I can proofread your installation tips etc. I don't want to be a grammar nazi, but a more readable text might appeal to even more people who will then come and beta-test or even develop.

    What do you think?

    J. Daehn, MD, Hannover, Germany,
    You know at step 5b, the link gets "hidden" so it doesnt work to just copy past it. You should mention it ;)

    Btw I'm one of the few trying to make a kernel ^^
    (took me some time to understand Ubuntu/Linux tough..)
    Great guide, and work. Keep it up. And maybe... soon, I'll too ^^
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