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    Post [Magisk Module][EXYNOS][SNAPDRAGON test] Decoded_CSC_Features_Files Esim Support

    just update 'omc-decoder' to support .json file, download the latest jar file under the release page.
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    Post [GUIDE][Dev-Only] OMC/ODM manipulation tips and tricks

    Nice work, but I prefer to use xposed to hook these methods.
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    Post Decrypt/Decode Note 8 OMC/CSC files

    My bad, Has fixed this bug. Please redownload the jar file and try it.
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    Thread Decrypt/Decode Note 8 OMC/CSC files

    I found the csc files in Oreo is encrypted/encoded. So I decompile the csc.apk and get a class to decode the encoded file. Then I made a tool to decode/encode the csc file. Download: can't post a link yet :(, just search OmcTextDecoder in github and get the download link Usage: deocode...