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    Post [ROM][G96xF/DS/FD/N][ALEXNDR] * UGFUG4 * DevBase v7.4 * Encryption support [Aug-14]

    I have the latest rom installed on my s9 + and I have the problem of freezing and restarting, this happens at least 3 times a day.
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    Post [DISCONTINUED] SoLdieR9312s *CTA2* ROM 26.1 [P] & *ETF5* MOD ZIP 6.0 [Q] | AROMA

    Hi, what base should I use to flash the DTAD_MOD_by_SoLdieR9312_2.0_r4.zip ROM of Soldier? should i download on sammobile? And which one should I download to have a good lock?
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    Post [08.01.19][Guide] ROOT S9+(Exynos)Magisk + OEM fix + EFS Backup Tool

    I tried to root on the galaxy s9 + with android foot but it does not work
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    Post Official Stock Firmware Thread (4th August 2021) - Galaxy S9+ (SM-G965F)

    Someone know how to root the samsung galaxy s9 + with android 9?
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    Post Problem Magisk v15 Sony

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    Post Problem Magisk v15 Sony

    Thank you. maybe there are problems with sony devices because I installed the version of magisk v14 and if it works but again I update to magisk v15 and stop reading the applications, I hope that in the next update this is corrected
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    Thread Problem Magisk v15 Sony

    I updated the magik v15 but the cell phone stopped reading the applications that were on the memory card. I made a manufacturing reboot to the cell phone and installed magisk v15 but now I can not pass anything to the micro sd :(