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  1. Filip.Z

    Post Question Video 4k 60 fps 10 bit artifacts

    Alexander from McPro24FPS said, that it is a bug in HDR merging. It should have phones with HDR on by default. It is some setting, that can be be turned off programmatically, but it's the matter of finding it.
  2. Filip.Z

    Thread Question Video 4k 60 fps 10 bit artifacts

    Hi, I wanted to know if this is normal on Xiaomi mi 11 Ultra, but when I shoot in 4k 60 fps in HDR10+ (10 bit colors), I'm getting weird artifacts in the video. Look at: StockCamera10Bit.jpg It's such an unusable mess. I'm shooting at PRO. It doesn't matter what ISO, shutter speed and white...
  3. Filip.Z

    Post Question Reduce idle battery drain

    I use airplane mode from midnight to 7am, then it's full on - wifi on etc. All 16 hours were idle, so I woudn't do anything with the phone. Once I start using it, it's different story, but I'm satisfied too. Yes I use dark mode, Full HD only and since I'm using the phone mainly for testing...
  4. Filip.Z

    Post Question Reduce idle battery drain

    I was worried about battery in idle, but this is behavior on EU Rom 12.5.11. On chinese ROM, it was the same. In 16 hours just 1% of battery is drained. I am aware of the apps I put on my phone and Facebook, Whatsapp atc. have close doors :)
  5. Filip.Z

    Thread Question Video - Movie mode resolution and fps

    Hi, I just have a quick question. I own the phone a few hours, but I couldn't find the way to set a resolution and framerate in cinema (movie) mode? I found everything else but this. Can anyone help me? Thanks.
  6. Filip.Z

    Post Question Is it possible to unlock the bootloader of the Oppo Find X3?

    Or is there a way to root the phone with apps like KingoRoot etc?
  7. Filip.Z

    Thread Question 3rd party camera apps - all lenses

    Hi, I know there is already a similar thread, but I wanted to know, if someone has actually run all three rear lenses in 3rd party camera app? I know there are some ways to enable it (like this https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/guide-enable-aux-camera-for-third-party-camera-apps.3846325/)...