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    Post [rom] [twrp] sm-t290 & sm-t295 [discussions & help thread]

    Are these recommended actions confirmed to work ?
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    Post [G800F/M/Y][ROM][8.1.0][OPM2] LineageOS 15.1 for G800F/M/Y [Alpha]

    With LOS Rom 15.1 -8.1 SM-G800F Ext SdCard works with Fat32, Ext4, Ext2, F2FS but not with ExFat Hmmm is the sdfat library implemented instead of vfat in these LOS / RR Roms ? Seems not ... It's a shame no ? See for ex. here in Asus LOS 15.1 sdfat : https://www.lineageoslog.com/15.1 and here ...
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    Post [ROM] [UNOFFICIAL] Resurrection Remix O 6.1.0

    Same same than other users, unusable because of external sdcard not usable. Sdcard (ExFat) appears just with a "P" as name in the RR settings, no possible access from the default file explorer, appears in Es Explorer but not usable (folders appears like unknown files) . Tried to format from the...
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    Post Galaxy Tab 3 (T217S) Mysterious Wanam Xposed warning, battery drain

    "Uninstal Harmfull App" message I have the same message and i've found this : As i can't post link for the moment, just google "uninstall_harmful_app_message_about_mixplorer" and have a look on the first reddit link.
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    Post [Q] Defy+ - Kikat Quarx Rom - VPN not working anymore

    Defy+ - KitKat Quarx ROM - 2014-06-20 ==> Defy+ - KitKat Quarx ROM - 2014-06-20 IPVanish App = VPN Works now HotSpotShield App = VPN Works now CM Setttings VPN Menu = still not working
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    Thread [Q] Defy+ - Kikat Quarx Rom - VPN not working anymore

    Hello everybodies ! I own a Defy+ (MB 526) with the latest KitKat ROM update form Quarx (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2515036) Since maybe the 2014-06-11 version, VPN connection doesn't work anymore. I've tried with Hotspot Shield, IpVanish and VPN option in the CM Menu...