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    Post [21.02.21] [OneUI 2.5] N960F_DS_N I Dr.Ketan ROM I SecureFolder I SPay (Gear) I Dex

    I don't want to be that guy, but can you use another host besides mediafire? It takes forever to download using this client. Have you tried Mega?
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][AOSP][8.1] Pixel Experience 8.1 [NOTE9][Exynos][30.09.2018]

    Thanks for the vendor bro. I have finally managed to fix the issue. It turned out that I flashed the latest firmware ARI9 and apparntly that has a lot of issues with root. So I used Samfirm to download ARH6 firmware and flash it. Then after rooting it with TWRP, install this ROM, went to...
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][AOSP][8.1] Pixel Experience 8.1 [NOTE9][Exynos][30.09.2018]

    on the same vendor but problem is that I don't have mobile signal. I'm on the dual sim version.
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][AOSP][8.1] Pixel Experience 8.1 [NOTE9][Exynos][30.09.2018]

    Just tried it and I am getting no mobile signal. I can see my IMEI and stuff. even select sim1 in the settings. It says carrier unknown. Any help?
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][AOSP][8.1] Pixel Experience 8.1 [NOTE9][Exynos][30.09.2018]

    Does anybody have a link to an ARH5 vendor? It's pretty much extinct here on Note 9 forum. Everyone is on ARH6.
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][AOSP][8.1] Pixel Experience 8.1 [NOTE9][Exynos][30.09.2018]

    How well does it handle memory? I heard AOSP roms on GS9 doesn't keep apps in memory as well as stock. Also for the low volume thing. Have you tried Dolby Atmos? It has always helped me in the past with my phones.
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    Post SHOW your Note9 HOMESCREEN!

    Got ze Note Nien today. My simple yet functional set up. Launcher: Action Launcher 3 Icons: Praise Wallpaper: Widget: Any Text Widget
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    Post Note 9 United Kingdom Thread (Pricing / order & Software updates)

    As promised I shall deliver! Got it today! Loving it so far! Waiting for the skins to come tomorrow Got it from eBay for £769 here is the link: Came from Nexus 6P. So long buddy. It was a good ride :crying: :
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    Post Note 9 United Kingdom Thread (Pricing / order & Software updates)

    Will do! Should arrive at sometime next week.
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    Post Note 9 United Kingdom Thread (Pricing / order & Software updates)

    Imported the Metallic Copper from HK. It's on its way. Can't wait :D :cool: Gonna put DBrand Skin in Black to get a black and copper look.
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    Thread On Oreo 8.1 Headphones support Apt-X but Can't select on Dev Options

    I am running Oreo 8.1 on Nitrogen OS OPM3-171019.013 I have a pair of Bluetooth headphones Sennheiser Momentum Free and the definitely support Apt-X but the only allow me to use AAC (HD audio) or SBC. I want to use Apt-X but the damn setting in Developer Options won't change. Please help me...
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    Thread Flashed latest MM vendor.img now TWRP says sdcard encrypted

    Hello, So I was updating the ROM on my phone (Dirty Unicorns). After flashing the latest version of the ROM, I found out that the Wifi wasn't working. Did some digging around and it turned out I had to update the vendor.img (MTC20F_vendor.img) . Did that through Skipsoft and even updated TWRP...
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    Post [Rom][5.0.2]UNOFFICIAL FlymeOS

    Since this is based on CM12 meaning android 5.0.2 Does this have any slow charging issues?