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    Post Proper way to restore Nandroid backup?

    Using twrp (I use the themed oneplus twrp from OnePlus 6 themes and apps section) v3.5.2-9 what I do is backup my user data partition. Then when I want to restore a setup I flash OOS 10.3.9, flash whatever custom rom I'm restoring, flash twrp installer 3.5.2-9 zip, flash finalize zip, reboot...
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    Post [GUIDE][TREBLE] How to flash GSI's to the OnePlus 6T

    I have not tried any yet on my 6t but a quick search of "Amber gsi" will pull up about 20+ fairly recent gsi's. I may flash Derp Fest 11 since we don't have it available for 6t. If I do I'll report back my findings. :)
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    Post ROM[OFFICIAL][fajita][11.0]**crDroid**[V7.4]

    @Terminator.J You are doing a hell of a job!! :D
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    Post [KERNEL][OOS/CUSTOM] mcd-kernel [r3]

    I had to download r3 then flash using manual flasher via franco kernel manager.
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    Post [KERNEL][OOS/CUSTOM] mcd-kernel [r3]

    My 6T auto connects fine on OOS 10.3.9 with latest mcd kernel. Just tested it after reading your post.
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    Post [ROM][11.0][OFFICIAL][GCAM][OnePlus 6T][11.0_r30] CherishOS [03/02/2021]

    On April 8 GApps build, formatted data on clean install. . The 4G and/or LTE icons aren't enabling "old style" option where they are smaller. They just stay the same larger size when selecting that setting in settings. I'll post a log in a few soon as I'm home.
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    Post [ROM][11][UNOFFICIAL] DotOS 5.0.1 [fajita]

    @SevralT EXCELLENT build for fajita! I'm on April 8th. I used NikGApps omni package. The ui is bad ass!! If and when I come across anything I will be sure and send logs or post logs here. Thanks again!
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    Post [ROM][11.0.0] AospExtended ROM V8.0 [UNOFFICIAL] OnePlus 6/6T

    I use Metro by T-mobile and after installing I couldn't get data to work so I pasted my apns-conf.xml file from a previous setup in /system/etc/ using root explorer and set permissions to 0644 on it then reset to default apn, rebooted and it fixed it. I'm very happy to see AEX here for 6T! I'll...
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    Post [ROM][11.0.0] AospExtended ROM V8.0 [UNOFFICIAL] OnePlus 6/6T

    In whatever browser you use do a search for "magisk 22 github" then find the magisk22.apk, rename the apk to and flash in twrp. Works for me.
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    Post [PORT] [APP] [6.0+] [Google Pixel/2/3/4/a/5] Live Wallpapers [27/10/2020]

    All these have worked perfectly on my Oneplus 6t-fajita! Much thanks!
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    Post [ROM][11.0.0] AospExtended ROM V8.0 [UNOFFICIAL] OnePlus 6/6T

    I came to xda back in Nexus S4G days. At the time I used Sprint. (Which was CDMA as is Verizon) Due to incompatibility of roms I quickly realized most the world uses GSM... (At&t and T-Mobile, Cricket, Metro and more are all GSM..) I switched to a GSM carrier, (MetroPCS) later on and never...
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    Post [ROM][OOSCAM][OFFICIAL][OnePlus 6/6T][10.0_r53]PiXeN-OS[2021/04/12][EOL]

    I clean installed PiXeN latest A10 build along with OOS 10.3.9 and all running great! Paired my old FitBit Blaze Classic with it perfectly. I'm staying here. I just don't prefer A11 over A10. Maybe once Oneplus drops OOS based on A11 things will be a bit better .. For now this rom suits me fine...
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    Post [OnePlus 6T (Global)][ROM][OTA][Oxygen OS] Repo of Oxygen OS Builds

    10.3.9 OOS full rom for OnePlus 6t is available now for unlocked bootloader people on Oxygen updater app. :D
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    Post [KERNEL][OOS/CUSTOM] mcd-kernel [r3]

    Same for me. 5Ghz wifi works.. I too am using r2 on OOS 10.3.8. Zero issues on my 6t. Thanks for still updating your kernel for 6t op!! :D