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    Post Google Play Store With Child Account - Checking for Updates - Something went wrong!

    exact same problem, a few days ago. With a Fire HD 8. I also need to set it up for a child!
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    Thread Cannot add Fire HD 8 child account ("Not Ready")

    I believe I have an issue with Google services unable to update, and this is leading to me unable to add the tablet for my child. He is already logged in to the table (as so am I as a Parent) and Google play is working and downloaded some apps. His Youtube Kids account synced right up. But as...
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    Post wear 24 boosting development

    Anyone else get a sucker with there cheap watch? Kinda wierd Sent from my ONEPLUS A5000 using Tapatalk
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    Post Wear24 GPL Source Code - Contact info. -- #VerizonWear24GPL

    If someone would explain what I'm asking for, I'm willing to be a voice also. Sent from my ONEPLUS A5000 using Tapatalk
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    Post wear 24 boosting development

    I started setting up a gofundme... But lost interest, to much work to set one up. I thing a 15-20$ buy in would raise quite a bit of money for a developer Sent from my ONEPLUS A5000 using Tapatalk
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    Post Please help with tablet reset

    I have tried the suggestion above, but it does not help. I still have this tablet setting, un usable. Seems like a huge waste to me, to have to toss it because i have no way of resetting it.
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    Post wear 24 boosting development

    I also just purchased one. They are now on sale for 50$. I would be willing to toss an additional 50$ to the first developer that could get a clean running android wear port running. And enable the NFC. I am not a verizon customer, nor do i have any intention of ever activation the LTE on a watch.
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    Post Verizon wear24 any way to unlock for use with other carrier?

    I also just picked one up. Now im digging to see if i can flash a custom rom without any Verizon bloatware on it.
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    Thread Please help with tablet reset

    I have a Netbook Tablet ( NXA8QC116B ) that I am trying to reset. I am unable to log into the accounts because the tablet is locked. This was my brothers tablet, and he passed away on Saturday. I can get the tablet into recovery mode, and the boot loader. In the boot loader, there is no option...
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    Post What to do with the wrong phone?

    You can use it as a home phone, land line replacement. Put a google voice number on it and set it up to work over wifi then just leave it at home. That's what im doing with my droid when I place it. Sent from my DROID2 using XDA App
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    Thread Go launcher and Go Locker

    I just downloaded these app and love how it makes the phone run and look. I have a rooted droid 2 but am not currently using the root for anything. I Have the GO locker app on here with a new lock screen an it almost works great. But every ones-in-a-while the old lock screen will pop up and then...
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    Post Droid R2D2 - Gingerbread OTA update fix and Root

    Ok so does this exe file get run from the computer or launch it from the phone? Sent from my DROID2 using XDA App
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    Post 4.06.605.3 update is hitting phones as we type!

    Why hasnt this updated hit my G/F's phone? stock unrooted droid incredible.
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    Thread Does the Z4Root work anymore?

    Will the z-4root work with the new OTA updated?... I'm reading the posts but there is no clear answer on what to use to root? I had to warranty replace my phone days before the update, so this phone has never been rooted.
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    Post Droid 2 new ota update

    Why would someone need to download this, shouldn't everyone be able to update over the air. FYI really like 2.3 runs very nice on droid2