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  • Hi sir first off thanks for the hard work the Rom is cool, I have seen a few problems in the 2.1.2 wifi tether and Titanium Backup are not working any ideas?
    :) Can you please make an original white taskbar vanilla theme i can just flash to a fresh2.0d ROM. I like The theme of Ic3Rom. Its probrably the only reason I'm running it. Lol Or is it?
    I just donated $20 because your Fresh Rom 2.0d is so great. One bug, when you go to People then groups and choose a group it should give you an option to text, email, etc. I do not get that option.
    i donated 5 bones and i havent received the update yet just wondering on a time frame... thanks my email was azaffle(at)gmail.com
    I'm having an odd issue with Fresh 1.1. It seems to be turning off my wifi randomly, and I can't seem to figure out why. Heard anything about this yet from other users?
    hey flipz just got the fresh rom. its dope! anyways would you happen to have a backup cause i was doin the instructions off of the unlockr.com and i had followed it to the point i wiped my whole system as well as my SD card.

    also im trying to download apps and it just stays on "starting download" do you know what could be wrong? sorry for all the questions
    hey flipz if your on I have to RUU my phone cuz I am having major issues so if you want to help me get auto root working let me know
    i have the 0.7 rom load with both pathes and the blue theme, I want to try out apps 2 SD i just didnt know the best route in doing so, for it to work correctly with your rom. If i use the format function in the recovery menue would it automatically save my apps on the SD and work properly or would i have to reinstall them?
    I will beta test .5 for you. please let me know what I can do. I am currently on Fresh Rom .4 but am happy to restore to rooted stock rom if it helps.
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