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    Post All (almost) sensors stop working

    idk I got a new device in december
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    Post All (almost) sensors stop working

    I started an RMA process on their website and no I'm not 100% sure about the other stuff but I'm sure they didn't ask if I was rooted. Germany
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    Post Bose headphones promo

    I got mine last week Shipping info takes some time theyll send a sms
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    Post All (almost) sensors stop working

    Couple of weeks? I got a new device within 4 days where 3 days were for shipping
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    Post All (almost) sensors stop working

    Weird. It did not happen to mine right after an update, more like 20 days later. Btw Google did not ask me if I rooted the device, which I haven't, but I did unlock the Bootloader for a short period of time to use the android flash tool from Google. I'm not very familiar with partitions on...
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    Post All (almost) sensors stop working

    Oh my god yes exactly this happened to my phone since yesterday. No auto rotation, no auto brightness, no tap2wake. I have to send mine back, I hate it. Sensor app does not recognize a single sensor. Factory reset didn't help either When rebooting like 10 times it changes between 0, 1 and 16...
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    Post Adios Pixel Phones

    Imagine being that much of a narcissistic person you open a thread on a forum announcing that you don't buy a specific phone LISTEN EVERYBODY, LOOK AT ME! I'm not buying glasses because I don't have bad eyesight
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    Post OnePlus 8T vs. Pixel 5

    Pixel 5
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    Post Custom roms

    Maybe because buying an almost 1000$ phone and then ruining things like camera quality and have bugs all over the software by flashing a custom rom is a weird thing to do, especially if it's a daily driver and it's too expensive to buy it as an development device.
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    Post Complete Flop!

    why should I pay 300$ more for a 865 (OP8) if the 765 offers more than enough power for me? so I can text faster and read news on the toilet faster? Get control over your 'I always need to have the best on the market' attitude if you can't afford it lmao. I'm glad the Nord exists because...
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    Post Paranoid Android Quartz 4/5 DEV - Xiaomi Redmi Note 8/8T

    Does anyone know if the rgb theme on the quick settings like in this picture here: is actually possible? If, where can I apply this?
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    Post Poco F2 Pro bad firmware support?

    Xiaomi usually pushes security updates every two months. Stop trolling
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    Post 80+ hz mod petition to developers