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    Post [KERNEL][10.0.0] Sultan Kernel [August 14, 2020]

    Checking this out. The May 1st kernel without SLMK was having a a higher idle drain but really good performance which translated to better SOTs in my use case. Going to agree that the previous version from Apr 22 seemed to have much better idle drain and battery performance overall. Thank you...
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    Post [06.12.2019][WALLEYE][ANDROID 10][4.4.206] Kirisakura-Wahoo Kernel 7.1.0

    @freak07 I had two incidents of random hang/reboot today. Setup is stock ROM with your kernel and no root. One instance was when I was using kiwi browser and the other one was while I was using Whatsapp. I add unable to capture logs at the time of the incident and will try to do so in the future.
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    Post Pixel 2 kernel reviews, discussions, comparisons

    Forgot to add that I have a smartwatch paired as well. So on LTE with my device paired to the smartwatch/headphones idle drain is around 2% per hour. With bluetooth disabled and on WIFI idle drain is around 1%. Didn't get the time to accurately gauge drain while streaming on LTE over bluetooth...
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    Post Pixel 2 kernel reviews, discussions, comparisons

    My setup is as follows Stock ROM + kernel, no root. I got interested in our streaming drain numbers for the previous Caesium setup since I stream a lot of music via bluetooth so decided to test it. Prior to this what worked best for me in terms of day to day use was Elemental, Caesium used to...
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    Post Pixel 2 kernel reviews, discussions, comparisons

    So I just started testing the Caesium kernel based on your report. Not seeing anything in terms of aggressive drain. My setup is similar to yours without AOD always on. Will update you after I give it a few days. It maybe getting hot because of the ART process running after boot, it tends to...
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    Post [APP][5.0+]Edge Screen - For better Android experience

    Testing the app on android P DP3. May I get a promo code please? Thanks.
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    Post Can I get the default pixel date/weather widget in Nova launcher?

    Try and select the oreo widget in that
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    Post Android Services draining my Battery?

    There has been a lot of reports on battery drain after the February patch update. There is a post on reddit who used the files go app to clear the cache for multiple Google apps that seemed to fix the issue. You could try that and see if it works for you. A
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    Post Can I prevent my new Pixel 2 / XL from being rooted?

    You don't need to be rooted for malicious software to be loaded on to your phone. Just stick with installation of apps from the play store and check the reviews/ratings and if something sounds to good to be true then it's probably best to avoid it unless you have valid sources authenticating it.
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    Post Lag?

    No issues as such. Could be a rogue app or something else. Maybe you could test the phone in safe mode and see if you get the same results
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    Post No way to replace rear glass? Any way to fix it.

    Did you check how much it'll cost to fix it? And without pictures it's hard to make any suggestions
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    Post Call Log Backup/Restore battery draining

    Hmmmm hard to say without logs. I did the same steps as mentioned above and restored my phone to a known working setup by uninstalling the newer apps. I did have to do a few reboots as well to fix it
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    Post Call Log Backup/Restore battery draining

    Did you install any new app that accesses your calendar or contacts?
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    Post Call Log Backup/Restore battery draining

    What all did you clear to fix it?
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    Post List of Google Pixel 2 Screen Protectors

    Spigen is available on the Spigen India website as well as Amazon. It's definitely the best option we have now in India. Been using it for a few days and it's worth the price tag.