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    Post General OxygenOS XPan mode

    Nice addition, but then again it's just a crop of a picture and it's better to crop stuff in post processing. What I'm more interested in are the other changes. Better pictures of moving objects, colors, shutter, this looks like a high update to the camera and the new mode is just one of them...
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    Post Advice for reviving a Z2 with the best current + stable ROM

    Ok, I'm pulling back my question after spending 6 hours to boot into recovery without success :( I've unlocked the bootloader and installed twrp but I can't boot into recovery neither from adb nor from key combinations. I can't root either. From what I've understand so far I have to go back to...
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    Thread Advice for reviving a Z2 with the best current + stable ROM

    Dear XDA friends :angel: I know this question has been asked before, but my current smartphone just died today and I'm in a hurry to revive my good old Xperia Z2. Before I start I want to install a more current ROM than the last stock ROM (Android 6.0). What would you advice? It should be...
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    Post Mediapad m3 behaves like a big smartphone not like a tablet

    There is no general "tablet" identifier, but apps decide based on screen size / resolution / dpi if they change their layout or not: https://developer.android.com/guide/practices/screens_support.html#qualifiers So changing the DPI is the currently best option. (Perhaps some apps tweaked this...
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    Post Who is returning their OnePlus 5? [MEGA THREAD]

    I was beginning to accept that the camera is not a real enhancement compared to my OP3 when I registered the awkward jelly scrolling issue and now I can look elsewhere. Think I'm gonna return it if they don't fix it immediately.
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    Post Who all is buying it?

    If the camera is notable better than the (already good one) on the OP3 and they don't fail miserably in another area I'm gonna replace my OP3 with it. I'm still happy with my OP3 but sometimes I need something new ;) (And up to now I dislike all current flagships of 2017 perhaps except the...
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    Post Is this tablet goof to take notes?

    No. Overall this is one of the best tablets right now. I've been using it for 2 months now and I would buy it again instantly. But DO NOT buy it if you want to take notes. 10" tablets offer more space, especially if you also want to view and edit pdf files which don't scale easily. Most pdfs are...
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    Post EU Wifi only (BTV-W09C100) got an OTA from B005 to B006

    I received it a week ago. Touch screen accuracy is much better now!
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    Post help please emui 5.0 MediaPad M3

    Out of curiosity, how did you managed to do so?
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    Post Official M3 Android 7.0 Nougat and EMUI 5.0 entering beta yesterday?

    Do participants have to sign a NDA or why is there zero communication about the beta in forums?
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    Post I received my tablet today, I'm disappointed

    I never understood that power saving gimmick. It doesn't add much to the battery life and instantly sucks. I once send back a Huawei P7 because of the aggressive screen dimming and learned later that it can be turned off. I mean nowadays Chrome should be the most used app on any phone, why dimm...
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    Post I received my tablet today, I'm disappointed

    Go to power saving features and switch from smart to performance. Huawei still has the annoying method of changing display brightness depending on the app on the lower energy profiles. Especially annoying since Chrome is one of the apps that use a lower brightness. That should also fix some...
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    Post Mediapad m3 touchscreen not so accurate

    "Most probably anytime in the near or far future." :D
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    Post Mediapad m3 touchscreen not so accurate

    Since a few days, there is a changelog for the Japanese version which is most likely the update you also just received: http://gpad.tv/update/huawei-japan-mediapad-m3-lte-20170120/ Updates for various apps (calendar, camera) Optimisation of the Touch Screen (yay!!) Google Mobile...