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    Post Windows Mobile - I officially am fed up with it

    What made me ditch my windows based phone was the bugs as well. I would get multiple alarms waking me up. Calendar events would get shifted one day to one month off for no reason. Internet Explorer had really slow scrolling. I got an iPhone and love it.
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    Post Update 1/18 Naked Base Pandora Kitchen - Build it YOUR way - 3.60/3.61/3.62.2/3.62.3

    You have been advertising this all over the forum, yet I really don't know what it is. Do you have a better explanation or screen shot?
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    Post How many of you are going to sell your 8525/Tytn for the Tilt/Tytn II?

    Well, That does sound pretty nice. However, does WM5 or WM6 support a multi threaded operating system? Or is it more one core is for hardware stuff like the radio, and the other is for the OS ?
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    Post How many of you are going to sell your 8525/Tytn for the Tilt/Tytn II?

    I don't understand the big deal? Seems like the same device with a slower processor and different keyboard flipping mechanism?
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    Thread battery status issues

    Coming from an 8125, my battery status (percentage left) is a little different. First of all, instead of going in single increments, it goes by 10's. Is this normal? Secondly, do the 8525s have a backup battery? I remember seeing the backup battery status on the 8125, or so I recall. Maybe that...
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    Post Alignment Issue Facts !! Pls vote if you have it or not

    HT710xxx from eBay. About 10 days old, nothing so far. I had it on my 8125 after about 18 months though. I hope I don't get it again!
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    Post BUY/SELL a broken Wizard! Protect our dying breed.

    I currently have a Cingular 8125. The case was scratched and cracked, so I bought a new one off of eBay. I ended up making the phone significantly worse than it was before. I am assuming that if I bought a bricked unit from someone, replaced the main board with my main board that the phone...
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    Post Screen alignment in WM6

    OK so maybe this doesn't work. Can anyone else try it ?
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    Post Screen alignment in WM6

    Guys, check out: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=1388925#post1388925 I just posted a response about someone elses possible fix. This may be the answer. This may also explain why one users 'loosening' the screws on the unit fixed it. Maybe it was pushing dust into the screen.
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    Post Align Screen problem in qtek9100

    I'm trying that now, but using post it note . Using the sticky side up (not getting sticky on the screen itself) and jamming the paper in a bit, then running it across i'm getting a HUGE amount of dust/crap coming out onto the paper. It's amazing. So far no alignment issues.
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    Post Screen alignment in WM6

    I don't know... That trick doesn't appear to be working for me. One thing I don't understand is how the alignment can be perfect, I let the phone sit over night and it's a centimeter off to the right. You would think if it's hardware related, actually having the phone in your pocket all day...
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    Post Screen alignment in WM6

    I actually just bought a case off of eBay for my phone. I never replaced the screen casing, but found that the screws were loose. I tightened them, then noticed this problem. I will try loosening them and let you guys know how it goes!