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  • Hey Formel-LS,
    I have tried some of your MM. They are awesome! What I really would like to know is, what battery percentage app is that in your status bar on the left side? I have seen it in a number of your screen shots you have posted. It looks to be exactly what I'm looking for, but I have'nt been able to identify. I appreciate your help
    Hi Formel-LS,

    Thanks for your response on Kang-o-rama Rom.

    To finish : concerning the speed due to the OC, is it very sensistive really?

    I think the Problem is your
    Have you done it right? It must contains the meta.inf and the folders "app" and "framework" out of the systems folder.
    So, your must contain "Meta.inf" and "apps" and "framework". These two folders are filled with the complete files, which are original in it.
    Make the template from the rom you would theme, then it's fine and you don't have any problems.

    Hey Formel-LS... first, I just wanted to say that you're themes are absolutely awesome. I was trying to create my own theme using the instructions over at AndroidDrive by KnowFear but I keep getting stuck at the ColorChangev3.jar. I'm trying to theme CM's 5.3.1 but I keep getting a "ERROR: Didn't find services.jar". I followed the instructions step by step and even tried researching it but didn't really come up with anything. Can you help me out and let me know what I'm doing wrong or what I should do?

    Thank you!!
    he formel
    ich kenn dich aus dem handy faq forum ..
    wäre nett wenn du mal meinen post liest unter hero q*A

    ich setz einiges vertrauen in dich, lach ......
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