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    Post ghost touch and phone goes nuts on

    Got the new EU android 11 update and hoped the issue would be resolved. It was not, so now I'm looking into warranty to see if they'll do something with the screen...
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    Post ghost touch and phone goes nuts on

    Got the same problem on mine and also connected it to Hoping an update will solve it...
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    Post [MODULE] Smali Patcher 7.4

    Hello! I got my cheat phone working with smali and appninjas gps app. Every now and then (once every 20 mins perhaps) the gps jumps to my real position for a second or so and then jumps back to my spoofed location. Anyone know which setting in the spoof app I need to change?
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    Thread Home button/gesture goes to folder?

    Hello! I'm using the default launcher. Home button and home gesture takes me to the folder of the app I'm leaving, and not all the way to my home screen. Going home from apps that are directly on the home screen works as expected. This is mindblowingly annoying. Is there a setting somewhere...
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    Post [APP][5.0+][BETA] Island - app freezing, privacy protection, parallel accounts

    On my OnePlus 6T, I can run 2 Pokemon go accounts split screen with both active at the same time. My kids old lineage os Lenovo p2 only lets one instance run, the other one freezes and turns active when you click it. What causes this difference? What is required to have two instances active at...
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    Post Thoughts on Oxygen OS 10?

    Ok, well then there is another bug. Sometimes, tapping below the keyboard closes the keyboard. I don't have nav buttons enabled and only use gestures. Edited to add: In horizontal mode, the gap disappears if I enable nav buttons (which appear to the right). Something is off with this.
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    Post Thoughts on Oxygen OS 10?

    Not so sure... https://forums.oneplus.com/threads/gap-under-the-keyboard.1099280/
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    Post Thoughts on Oxygen OS 10?

    Great. The gap under the keyboard is still there.
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    Post Thoughts on Oxygen OS 10?

    I don't have a black bar, but an extra space under the keyboard in landscape. If I miss keys down left, and I think, down right, the keyboard closes. I'm using oneplus gestures.
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    Post Thoughts on Oxygen OS 10?

    The space below the keyboard sucks. In landscape I somehow sometimes manage to minimize the keyboard by missing space I think. Very weird and annoying. Got better battery life which is nice. Was horrible all throughout pie but is almost ok now, 4-5 hours SOT. Coming from a Lenovo P2, battery is...
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    Thread Purple wallpaper

    Hey all. I have a thunder purple and figure I need a matching purple wallpaper for it. Anyone got one to share? Post here plix :)
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    Post Galaxy s10 plus vs 6T...thoughts?

    I had the first Galaxy S. Felt completely let down by Samsung's so called upgrades that made the phone less and less usable. I swore to never get a Samsung, so no, not getting one ;)
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    Post OP6T - Launcher

    Trying it and getting along with it. Using swipe up to get to app drawer. Now I just have to figure out what to put in the middle of the dock :confused:
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    Post OP6T - Launcher

    The stock launcher makes me cry because of its columns and lines. I can't fit the widgets I want and a 2*2 widget is anything but square. So using Nova even though I'd like to use stock just because I like OnePlus.
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    Post [ROM][8.1.0][TREBLE][OFFICIAL] LineageOS 15.1 for P2

    I've seen it. I'm on the dec 26th build, not seen it on earlier builds (but I update maybe once a month).