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    Post [App] MLB AT BAT working on unsupported devices

    anyone know what the build.prop file should look like for the Evo 4g. At Bat worked on my Evo before I upgraded the rom to gingerbread; now Market doesn't recognize it as a supported device. If I make the file changes, will I then be able to download the app from the Market. I had already...
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    Post [ How-To ] Fix SD card not being detected & USB port not working

    still no USB working for me. From the beginning I've not had a problem with the sd card; just can't connect to the pc. Anyone?
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    Post [ How-To ] Fix SD card not being detected & USB port not working

    I finally did all of the above as explained above . . . . but still my USB is not working. it does see the USB debugging and it does charge, but it does not give me the connection option pop-up or connect to the computer or read the sd card as removable storage. I had no SD problems so I...
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    Post [WM 6.5] Can we add custom Today Screen items?

    depending upon what version of manila you have, you could use TFDetacher (works with 2.1 but not 2.5). I use it to create a second today screen for my plugins, and have it set to a softkey to toggle between manila and the other today screen. I also use Second Today to have a third today screen...
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    Post [MOD] Disable 01:02 clock flip in Manila 2.1 and 2.5

    I'm running 2.1 on a cdma touch pro (energy rom); I just copied the manila 2.1 vga file into Windows and it's working great and it didn't have to overwrite anything because the file was not there before.
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    Post FREE - Fusion Voicemail Plus 2.0

    maybe I did something wrong in setting it up but once I had it installed, all incoming calls went straight to a message saying enter the 10 digit number to access your voicemail!!
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    Post [WVGA][VGA][20oct09]Manila 2.1 BackgroundAllTabs - cab & zip

    It's working perfectly; I think I had installed the cab that was vga fixed. Either that, or I was sure I had installed it when I flashed a new Energy rom. Thanks so much!!
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    Post [WVGA][VGA][20oct09]Manila 2.1 BackgroundAllTabs - cab & zip

    other problem with manila background I've attached the three files. 1c684cd8_manila already had the changes that you had described. The problem I'm having is that the background does not change when I go to settings, although I have the backgroundalltabs installed. What does happen...
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    Post Registry Edit for In-call volume?

    and that would make a difference because??? GAL
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    Post Raphael low sound fixed (almost)

    me too. the only fix I found was an htcphonevolume.dll (look for incall volume fix) in this forum. It worked, but changed my taskbar icon. Still looking to see if there's a registry edit. Otherwise I'll need to modify the dll file to change the image, which isn't hard; I've just not done it...
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    Post Registry Edit for In-call volume?

    any suggestion for decreasing the volume. Waayyy too loud on my Touch Pro.
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    Post [JAPAN APP] JtdLnch - the perfect launcher, now in english !

    very cool program. thanks for sharing!!
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    Post google-retrieved pages: font problem

    I'm having that problem with Google Maps. It's in this tiny script; can't really read it.
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    Post [2009-12-04] SetVolume 0.8.0 - finger friendly volume changer | smartphone support

    I'm running Energy's rom for a cdma TP, WM6.5. The hook key function doesn't seem to work. I'm only able to get the volume key to start SetVolume if I link it using AE Button Plus, and then it doesn't close properly. Any ideas? thanks!
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    Post H.P. Lovecraft Pocket Collection

    I've been swamped at work so haven't had a chance to install yet.