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  1. Fredericosilva

    Post [ROM][A5|7 2017] LineageOS 18.1 Official / 19.0 Preview

    Hey guys, I'm having the video call whatsapp freezes, there are any workaround for that?
  2. Fredericosilva

    Post Official CyanogenMod 13 Discussion Thread (Bullhead)

    I have flashed gapps(stock). Could have something to do with it!
  3. Fredericosilva

    Post Official CyanogenMod 13 Discussion Thread (Bullhead)

    I'm using the nightly from 28 May and it doesn't have Gello! Why?
  4. Fredericosilva

    Post Full CM13 ROM for Nexus 5X w/ force encrypt disabled

    Will Cyanogen disable it by default?
  5. Fredericosilva

    Post ★ [ROM][4.4] CyanogenMod 11 ★ DISCUSSION,TALK, Q&A Thread

    Yes, if anyone could upload the last cm11 nighly would be great!
  6. Fredericosilva

    Post [APP] KeepItOn

    New update available. - Notification Icon - Minor bug fixes This update is a big update for android 4.4.2 users since there is a bug on that android version, for that users "Notification Icon" must be always on. More info here. Please tell the mobile phone model and android version that you...
  7. Fredericosilva

    Post [APP] KeepItOn

    "Pocket mode" added. Due to all the requests that I have had, I decide to add a feature that check the proximity sensor in order to detect if phone is in the pocket, prevent that way that phone stay alive forever in the pocket, draining all the battery. Please test it and help me make KeepItOn...
  8. Fredericosilva

    Post [APP] KeepItOn

    Yes, this is a background process that reads the accelerometer. However when screen is off the service is running but it is doing nothing. I am using for two weeks and have not noticed any significant change with the battery consumption.
  9. Fredericosilva

    Thread [APP] KeepItOn

    KeepItOn (KIO) is an application designed to end the scourge of the screen turns off while we are reading or watching something. So annoying, at least for me… How it works KIO detect any small movements and prolongs the time to turn off the screen, like if you have touched the screen. Even if...
  10. Fredericosilva

    Post [ROM] [4.4.4] [OFFICIAL] ParanoidAndroid 4.4x/4.5

    whats's wrong with my search widget?
  11. Fredericosilva

    Post [APP][2.2+] Flip2Pause 1.0

    Solved, it will be available in playStore soon
  12. Fredericosilva

    Thread [APP][2.2+] Flip2Pause 1.0

    Flip2Pause allow you to pause the music only by flipping over your device. You don't need to turn on the screen to pause a music when somebody talks to you anymore. Get it on Google play
  13. Fredericosilva

    Post [ROM][23-03-14][Flinny] Saga - Andromadus - CM11.0 [alpha5]

    ChangeLog of b24? What are the improvements?