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    Post [GUIDE][WINDOWS] Bootloader Unlock & Relock, Drivers, Magisk rooting, Firmware and GSI ROM flashing without TWRP

    Thanks for the effort! Don't really mind what other ppl saying buddy, but yea the xda community is pretty dead.
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    Post [ROM][10.0][Xiaomi Mi 9][OFFICIAL]Pixel Experience [AOSP[2020/08/17]

    Anyone have any GPS problem? When using GPS the direction goes wild and drift a bit constantly.
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    Post [OxygenOS System Mods] RENOVATE ICE 14.0 | OP7/OP7PRO//OP7T/OP7TPRO

    Its not working on my phone? Hows your respond relavant? Should I wipe cache? Cuz it's working before I update to 957
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    Post [OxygenOS System Mods] RENOVATE ICE 14.0 | OP7/OP7PRO//OP7T/OP7TPRO

    power button flash light stopped working on v2.0 and 9.5.7
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    Post [ROM[PORT][9.0.0] MIUI 10 China Dev 9.5.16 [25.05.19]

    wipe? usually it means it's in bootloop and its not gonna work. the rom is not suitable for daily use anyway xD
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    Post Best Magisk modules for OOS?

    Tai Chi, Sony Device Dummy, 1Controller. Tai Chi is awesome for systemless xposed framework!
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    Post [ROM[PORT][9.0.0] MIUI 10 China Dev 9.5.16 [25.05.19]

    we got a working TWRP now, i can fully test the rom in the future! Thank you for your work, looking forward for updates.
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    Post [ROM[PORT][9.0.0] MIUI 10 China Dev 9.5.16 [25.05.19]

    I did flashed the MIUI fix zip. I think I will start using your rom after proper TWRP came out. As decrypting is not working right now. Really appreciate your work. Especially it's a China dev rom.
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    Post [ROM[PORT][9.0.0] MIUI 10 China Dev 9.5.16 [25.05.19]

    AHHHHH Great! Best combination ever! OP hardware and MIUI Camera app not there. Flash light not working, WIFI not working.
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    Thread TWRP build by shakalaca

    seen on official zentalk forum. On the first post, search for TWRP, there will be a mega download link. after unlocking bootloader, flash in fastboot fastboot flash boot twrp-3.2.xxxxxxxxxxx.img note: Flash to boot partition only. and download the corresponding version of twrp per your rom...
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    Post Can any guys make a TWRP?

    You are unbelievable! Read! Carefully!
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    Post [ROM] Epic ROM for Mi MIX 2 (Chiron) Multilanguage_By MrRaines {From Epic Team}

    works great! but requiring format userdata is a pain in the ass.