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    Post [APP]Anagram (Word Finder) - Open Source

    Thanks for sharing the app and the English word lists! Seems to me like you could improve performance greatly by using a database instead of loading the words directly from the word file. For better speed you could even compile several word files and order words by what letter they are starting...
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    Post [Calculator] How much does a Mobile app (iOS/Android) cost to build?

    An app cost calculator. I love it. Was just going to say that it will depend on the features of the app. However the calculator let's you choose features.
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    Post Age of strategy

    I love Roman history. The game seems like a cool way to see Roman units and tactics in action. Some pictures would have been nice though.
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    Post Mobile site vs app in data use?

    My experience tells me apps will use more in the short term, but mobile sites more in the long term. However it also depends on what apps? Some apps are built to greedily check and update like crazy. Mobile sites won't do that.
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    Post what are your thoughts when it comes to building security into your apps?

    My motto has always been that all the data a user can input into the app has to be sanitized.
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    Post GUIDES [WM]: How to Increase Battery Charge Life (On Android - Pre"Android Guides")

    I have always had Stamina mode on. It lengthens battery life by days. You can also dim your screen brightness.
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    Post [Discussion] What's your next smartphone / What should I buy

    The next one for me will be the newest Sony Xperia. My friend upgraded his older Xperia to a newer one and loves it. I love the design and it is water proof(it actually does come in handy).
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    Post [Game] Anagram - Words Finder

    Great anagram solver. I love the word categories. You could add some seasonal ones(easter, christmas and so on). People would love those.
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    Post Translate 120 words from English into French, German, Japanese, Chinese...

    You should try machine translation first. Then let people review the results for mistakes(maybe reddit could help). This seems like a more effective solution in my eyes.
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    Post [APP][4.1+] Kiwi Browser? Chromium + Adblock + CAF + Night Mode 2021-07-29|Active

    Seems rare for developers to come back to old projects these days.
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    Post Easy learning English with English Study - English Words

    This seems like cool way to learn new languages. I will try it out :)