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    Thread Samsung Pay issue

    I just bought my Note20. The model # is SM-N980F. I am running Android 11 and One UI 3.0. When opening Samsung Pay, I get a message saying that my phone is not supported. Everywhere I've looked thus far says that it is though. What gives?
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    Thread Root or Update? Both or Neither?

    I have a Galaxy S7 that was originally bought on the Cricket network (SM-G930AZ), but is now on the MetroPCS network. I was wondering if it was worth it to update my phone to Nougat? Also, is it possible yet to root this version? Which should I do first? Can someone give me links to tutorials if...
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    Thread [Q] Simple CWM Recovery & Lollipop install?

    I've looked through these forums and haven't really gotten any clear answers. I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 SCH-I545 with the VRUFNC5 firmware. I tried to install CWM Recovery using Rom Manager. It looked as if it installed just fine. Says its installed, however, when I boot into recovery, its the...
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    Thread [Q] Please help. Multitude of issues.

    OK. So, I recently installed the KK 4.4.2 update on a stock rom. One of the things I've found (so far) that I hate the most about it is the stupid Goggle Now swipe up gesture. I use Auto Hide Soft Keys. With this new feature, I can't use it anymore. I have searched and searched, tried and tried...
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    Post [Q] Transferred Files Not Showing Up

    Bumping this. I still need an answer. Can't ANYONE help me???
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    Thread [Q] Transferred Files Not Showing Up

    I just recently purchased my Verizon LG G2. I transferred all files from my SD card onto my G2. When I try to find the files on my phone, they aren't there. I was really upset when I first found this out because I thought I lost all my pictures, videos, music, etc... I bought the pro version of...
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    Thread Is there a tether app for cricket?

    I'm looking for a tether app that will work with cricket and get past having to pay their $10 tether fee. My phone is rooted. Thanks.
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    Thread [Q] How do I disable/delete the "Droid" notification sound?

    When my phone is fully charged, its really annoying to hear "DROID" all the time. I'd really like to stop this somehow.
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    Post [Q] Where is this update?

    I STILL need to locate this update file on my phone to delete it. Please help me. Does anyone know where this update file may be hiding?
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    Post [Q] Where is this update?

    I've searched and searched my phone to find this update. Can't find it anywhere. Is it called something different? PLEASE HELP!
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    Post [Q] Where is this update?

    No one knows? Really?
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    Post [Q] Where is this update?

    Not in cache. The 605 is in there, but not the 621. And I've searched through alot and still can't find it. :-(
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    Thread [Q] Where is this update?

    I downloaded the 6.5.621 OTA update, but didn't install it. After reading through the forums, I've decided I really don't want this update. Where can I find this on my phone to delete it and how can I get it to stop asking me to update?
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    Post [Q] Contacts issue! Please help!

    Worked like a charm! Thank you so much! Guess I didn't mess up anything after all! Weird though. Wonder why/how that happened?
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    Post [Q] Contacts issue! Please help!

    I don't remember what all got deleted. My system version is 4.5.605.