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Recent content by FrostStaff

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    Post [Discussion] Poco F2 Pro / Redmi K30 Pro with Android 11 (not eu)

    Can someone confirm please, I have read but i'm not sure,on MIUI 12.2.5 (Global ), Android 11, xiaomi removed the possibility to block the sensors in the developper options. Thank you.
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    Post Several questions, 1st xiaomi phone...

    1- Do you know if with Mi PCSuite if you use it, keep your adb shell tweaking ? When you put your previous backup ... 2 - I didn't update my phone since Oct 2020, stick on 12.0.4 s many bugs report everywhere on the net. Do you know if i can updates system app ( got the notification for updates...
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    Post Several questions, 1st xiaomi phone...

    When i was asking about xiaomi cloud, i refer to my old LG viewty witch in the past has a software and back up toolto save and back the entire rom, like a windows back up, image, restore point.Or like my iphone 4 with itunes,i could untirely back up everything on my iphone, as an image system. I...
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    Thread Several questions, 1st xiaomi phone...

    Hi xda community,i got several questions about xiaomi MIUI, updates, cloud.... Please accept myappologies for my newbie question on xiaomi phones, and english is not my native language. sry for that. I've block the "searching" updates with 4G but couldn't with wifi, never used wifi since...
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    Post Packages which are safe to remove and a few problems.

    Would like to have some tips too about your questions. Thx
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    Post Xiaomi and Poco F2 Pro

    Yep, i know it 's a"beta stable" not sure why they call it like this. Beta for me is a test, not stable...But i made this thread to point how the supper moderator treat customers... And on some screen, you can see in the update app, it says "stable", so people not aware of can be confused.
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    Thread Xiaomi and Poco F2 Pro

    Hello, I was surfing on the mi community forum and found a thread about the new update for our Poco F2 pro but now i'm very skeptical about the future of our phone. In this thread "https://c.mi.com/thread-3510493-3-1.html" a supper moderator just answer people to get out of the forum (to be...
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    Post New Holder of the Poco F2 pro

    No there's a bug...... got 0% when i wake up everyday (no plane mode ). Got it on my oneplus 3 too for 4 years.Just doing my tweaking ,and options... Will see tomorrow ; )
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    Post MIUI Optimization: On or off?

    I own the phone since saturday, Stock, global Internationnal "MI", region France on boot.... (i swap region for "St Helene" just for the better volume, for music) Did my tweaks, and NO ADDS for me. You need to remove msa.global : adb shell pm uninstall –-user 0 com.miui.msa.global AND you...
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    Post MIUI Optimization: On or off?

    No Optimisation on there,and ableto watch a video with a floating screen.
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    Post Downgrade to MIUI 11

    Dadovvv May i ask you why you wanted to revert MIUI please ?
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    Post New Holder of the Poco F2 pro

    OK so i did everything alone, as usual ^ ^ and for now so far so good. First impressions, i 'm not a fan of some MIUI things, like the fact that you can't for now disable the Finddevice, the "Shield Guard" (firewall) but others then that, works fine,got a straight line on my battery at night...
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    Post Downgrade to MIUI 11

    Hey, When i had a trouble, or stutter on my fingerprint on my oneplus 3, to avoid that, the tips is to delete all fingerprint, and restart saving new one. Try it and tells me if it works.
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    Post New Holder of the Poco F2 pro

    Does this thread still works today with the poco F2 pro if it is still safe to follow it or should i be aware. I know some release OS change some path or disable some tweaks. https://forum.xda-developers.com/mi-cc9/how-to/packages-safe-to-remove-problems-t4006171 Thx for help !
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    Thread New Holder of the Poco F2 pro

    Hello XDA people, I received the phone and would like to ask you some tips or thought about some questions. I just plug in the phone for charge to 100% before power it on and customize, by customize i mean doing options preferencies, using adb and "FastBootTools", updates..... I would like to...