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    Post Chromecast with Google TV ad blocking

    I have a raspberry pi with AdGuardHome and it works on apps, but not on YouTube since they're served from the same domain. Casting from phone to TV will show up ads no matter what. So the best alternative is to use smarttubenext, which is great and updated frequently. I wouldn't root it even...
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    Post ADB Magisk Module Mod Installer

    Thanks for updating! Keep it up man i can't live without invisible power button haha!
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    Post ADB Magisk Module Mod Installer

    standard base + invisible power button working well thanks a lot
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    Post [UPDATE/KEEP ROOT GUIDE] MAR 2021 (RQ2A.210305.006) "CORAL" Magisk/Stock Boot Images

    Booted my old ssd with windows 10 just to update from feb to march. Everything fine so far using your files (y) no idea whats wrong with my new Windows ssd tho lol
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    Post [KERNEL][11.0.0] Sultan Kernel [May 6, 2021]

    You have to flash stock boot image
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    Post [UPDATE/KEEP ROOT GUIDE] FEB 2021 (RQ1A.210205.004) "CORAL" Magisk/Stock Boot Images

    this method no longer works after i use a new windows installation. All seems normal except phone gets stuck in "Phone is starting" and i have to format userdata for it to work again. It was working previously and i use the same magisk modules. Ill try from ubuntu next month Maybe someone...
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    Post ADB Magisk Module Mod Installer

    Great! Time to update! Thanks a lot
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    Post ADB Magisk Module Mod Installer

    Hello. Is this updated for Nov build?
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    Post after root no face unlock

    same here bro 1) execute the flash-all script without the -w option and set the face data 2)reboot to bootloader and fastboot flash boot magisk_patched.img 3) profit. all is working again
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    Post ANdroid 11 + Bubbles + Whatsapp

    Hopefully they upgrade their app for 2021. Telegram already has it btw
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    Post "ctsProfile: false" in Magisk Manager after August update

    It's hardware based so nothing you can do about it
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    Post Root or Not Root that's the question

    Again. If you are going to use a limited system why choose android over iOS? I don't understand your reply:confused: