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    Post Dual Processor-Dual OS with Kospet Optimus Smartwatch, Gimmick or Useful Feature?

    the most of the apps will work as there is an option to make the screen square. there is also an other option to optimize 3th party apps. as for the battery life it's not bad at all. I use mine with sim card installed and I did not run out of the juice at the end of the day yet. so surely 1...
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    Post [ROM][EOL][N7100][N7.1.2_r29][OFFICIAL][OMS] AICP 12.1 Official Weeklies

    Chrome does not play vodeos in full screen anymore. The videos stop as soon as switched to full screen, crome stops responding or chrashes.This is the case since the last couple of updates. Can it be fixed?
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    Post [13.Apr.11][RAM HD] imilka's RAM Desire HD v2.0 [Des HD][A2SD][K:Raf1.9OC]

    after nearly perfect performance since the day 1 , the phone wouldnt wake up today.when presed the red button I ve got just a little bit light on the screen and the buttons ,otherways no rresponce , the battery had to be taken out. anyone else experiencing this?could it be coused by an app or a...
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    Thread [Q] wifi gone

    I have lost my WiFi settings and I'm unable to recover them. I suspect an app called "green power battery saver" massed it all up and now there is no way to connect to my home or any other wifi network. I ve tried everything uninstalling the app, reformating sd to flashing differnet roms...
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    Post [ROM][WWE/NLD] 21916|Miniterror's Ravage v5.4| HTC0017 BUILDS

    have anyone had any luck downloading wwe version yet?
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    Post [ROM][WWE/NLD] 21916|Miniterror's Ravage v5.4| HTC0017 BUILDS

    dont do it it's nld too :) but it's damn nice and fast
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    Post [ROM][Kitchen][Nov 17] kwbr HD 5.7 :: Sense :: Manila :: Titanium :: 23148 :: 21914

    man, what a ROM ,kwbr you rock dude :) I occasinally try this or that ROM but I allways go back to most recent kwbr's 6.1 ROM cuz there is no better. I just wonder if there's any chance for me to install different fonts on it cuz my e-books look like a mass in allreader plus. it worked very...