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Recent content by g0t.milkk

  1. g0t.milkk

    Post Call History - is there an app to show call date and time for each call

    I'm interested in this question : I record my call with Skvalex's Call Recorder, so I can get those informations from here, but I'd rather get them directly from the call app.
  2. g0t.milkk

    Post Google pixel OEM locked with custom os

    Hello, Only a few lines down in this same section you have a thread with exactly the same problem as you : https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/is-it-bricked-cannot-flash-stock-android-to-remove-arcaneos.4285827
  3. g0t.milkk

    Post Is it bricked? Cannot flash stock Android to remove ArcaneOS

    I'm tossing an idea, I don't know if it's even feasable, but can you try "fastboot boot bootloader-sunfish-s5-0.3-7062598.img" ? Like not flashing, just one time boot with this image ?
  4. g0t.milkk

    Post Is it bricked? Cannot flash stock Android to remove ArcaneOS

    That's strange... You have the boot screen saying that the phone has been modified, yet you seem to have a locked bootloader... Doesn't make any sense to me :/ I saw your adb/fastboot attempts, but I didn't saw "fastboot oem unlock"... I doubt it'll work, but can you give it a try ?
  5. g0t.milkk

    Post how to unbrick a pixel 4a anyone need help

    I'd like to help by dumping the required files, I didn't know anything about EDL before doing research for this thread, but as I understand using EDL mode require a device-specific non-free "loader". I'm trying to use B. Kerler's EDL tool (https://github.com/bkerler/edl) but fail because it...
  6. g0t.milkk

    Post TWRP 3.5.2-11 for Sunfish[Testing]

    Just to say I'm also impatient for a build of TWRP for Android 11, it's been quite problematic for me, coming from a non A/B device, when my Pixel first crashed and ADB debug wasn't enabled...
  7. g0t.milkk

    Post Post your Pixel 4a homescreen

    Nothing fancy, optimized for right thumb. Launcher : Nova Launcher Wallpaper : Solid black Icon pack : Stock AOSP
  8. g0t.milkk

    Post [Stock/Rooted Boot Images] Pixel 4a [NOV 02]

    Hi there, I'm considering using this update, but I really need Google Pay. I saw in this thread that Safetynet is passing on Android 10, is it still the case with Android 11 ? If so, can someone tell us how to procede ?
  9. g0t.milkk

    Post [ROM][10.0][RAPHAEL][OFFICIAL] Evolution X | Quantum [09/23/20]

    I confirm that, I've been using this feature for months now, always been working like a charm. I was using Magisk module "Advanced Charging Control" prior to this rom, wasn't very user friendly but was doing the job. Having this feature included in the ROM is really nice, though.
  10. g0t.milkk

    Post [ROM][10.0][RAPHAEL][OFFICIAL] Evolution X | Quantum [09/23/20]

    If you were encrypted (and if you did complete the setup of the first boot of the rom), TWRP would prompt for your PIN code at startup, as it does require it to decrypt the filesystem. If you're not prompted in TWRP, you're not encrypted.
  11. g0t.milkk

    Post [ROM][10.0][RAPHAEL][OFFICIAL] Evolution X | Quantum [09/23/20]

    I was about to post for BT not working aaaand... It's already : - Fixed - Rebuilt - Available for download ... Thanks joeyhuab !
  12. g0t.milkk

    Post [ROM][10.0][RAPHAEL][OFFICIAL] Evolution X | Quantum [09/23/20]

    Quick and efficient, that did the trick. Thank you sir for your ROM and your help !
  13. g0t.milkk

    Post [ROM][10.0][RAPHAEL][OFFICIAL] Evolution X | Quantum [09/23/20]

    Auto brightness isn't working for me. Clean flash of build 20200515-1521, vendor I've tried flashing last iMMENSITY kernel, but it didn't help. Logcat provided, but maybe not in the expected format ? (did adb logcat > logcat)
  14. g0t.milkk

    Post [ROM][10.0][RAPHAEL][OFFICIAL] Evolution X | Quantum [09/23/20]

    Let me google it for you : "raphael vendor" on google : https://xiaomifirmwareupdater.com/archive/vendor/raphael/
  15. g0t.milkk

    Post [ROM] [SIGNATURE SPOOFING] [UNOFFICIAL] [STABLE] LineageOS 17.1 for J5 2016

    Thanks AB ! AOD didn't work but with "Always" I was able to find the option. For reference : Display => Advanced => Lock screen display => [When to show] Always on Strange thing : I had disabled lockscreen (set to None), so it made little sense for me to search for options in lockscreen...