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    Post Question How to improve the Finger Print Sensor

    I just added face unlock ...saves me annoyance
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    Post Question CN or Global (EU) Phone ?

    AFAIK bands are identical this year. 5G works here with CN model so I'm good.
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    Post Question Serious issues with proximity sensor

    Same. That's really the only issue I have with the phone. I noticed that if I talk and the screen doesn't turn off , I just move it away from my head and bring it back. Looks like a software issue rather than hardware.
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    Post Question Which Rom are you using? Poll

    I'm still on China.. Everything looks normal and working well.. what am I missing? I just changes keyboard and uninstall the china apps. Only two apps can't be uninstalled. I wanted to change to EU, but I am now wondering if to just stay on China.
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    Post General Initial impressions & photo samples (CN ROM)

    Thank you so much!! That's interesting. So I guess it does not bin the pixels when using 2X? The resolution is also 12mp for the 2X zoom so either they crop from the binned original image and then upscale, or the don't bin the pixels and then shrink the image or something.. Looks good. I order...
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    Post General Initial impressions & photo samples (CN ROM)

    Thanks! Can you please share sample images in 2X zoom? I can't find any. I loved the 50mm lens on the Mi 10 Pro and was wondering how well this camera handles 2X. Thanks!!!
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    Post Screen Protectors?

    I use Mi 10 Pro hydrogel screen protector . Just got a screen protector without the hole for the selfie camera. Cost around $1 per protector.
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    Thread Whatsapp in small screen

    Did anyone managed to get Whatsapp to work in the small screen (for example, while watching a video in the big screen)?
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    Post Heat

    None that I can feel.
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    Post Screen on time

    Right now I'm 22 hours on battery , 5 hours SOT and have 32% left. location is enabled and no battery saver used. I used Waze, videos, social media but I don't play games. Battery life seems pretty good!
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    Post Quality feel (use of materials)

    Feels high quality, but a bit heavy.
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    Post Selfie quality

    Good, but need to stretch the hand quite far to be in focus since the focus point is fixed and far (around 40cm maybe).
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    Post Speakerphone (loudness, clarity)

    I agree. I really wish it had better speaker \s .
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    Thread GCAM for Wing

    Hi, Just wanted to update that Urnyx's 7.3 v2.4: GCam_7.3.018_Urnyx05-v2.4.apk works perfect on the LG Wing. Just enable the second lens from the settings , enable HDR+ Enhanced etc.. Results are much better than stock. Actually, pretty good camera with gcam. Cheers!