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Recent content by GarnetSunset

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    Post General Stock ROM (Canadian SM-A326W)

    I found this rom that is based on the same chipset "MT6853" and im thinking... can we get our bypass sprays from here? https://androidfilehost.com/?fid=17248734326145723274
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    Thread GM1917 (Global) reporting as GM1911 (India) in settings which has broken SafetyNet

    Anyone have a fix? My GM1917 is identifying as a GM1911 after an oxygen updater update a couple months ago, not sure how to fix it, running the latest beta too. Not sure what to do...
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    Thread Picked up an Engineering S9, anyone know where I could get the firmware for it?

    Specifically dev FW. ENG MODE: DEV DEVICE Can't find any ENG Signed firmware that's not combination firmware online.
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    Post [Guide] [Rom] [Beta] Xiaomi eu MIUI 12.1 weekly

    Went ahead and became my own hero and extracted this from the zip https://anonfiles.com/hf4bCeA0od/Updater_apk
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    Post [Guide] [Rom] [Beta] Xiaomi eu MIUI 12.1 weekly

    I reflashed it and it didnt come back!
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    Post [Guide] [Rom] [Beta] Xiaomi eu MIUI 12.1 weekly

    can someone hook me up with the updater APK? Deleted by accident.
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    Post Evolution X 4.3 for Mi 9T/Redmi K20 [davinci]

    I get really slow fingerprint reads on this rom, expected? I'm getting like 2 second reads.
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    Thread Mi 9T/ K20 / Pro splash generator for Splashes, Fastboot, and Error

    Generates a img for flashing via fastboot, instructions in the comments in the script. Updated for Mi 9T. Original Thread here Here's the script
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    Post [2020-01-27] ®FDE.AI - Ultimate Android Optimizer

    You have fantastic taste in music my dude. Also thanks for the work, just installed FDE and excited to see the results.
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    Post [OP3+3T][ROM+KERNEL] Unofficial LineageOS 14.1 with custom kernel [January 09, 2020]

    Yeah I fixed it. The issue is with substratum. Sorry sultan.
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    Post [OP3+3T][ROM+KERNEL] Unofficial LineageOS 14.1 with custom kernel [January 09, 2020]

    No clue what this means but uh. September sec update when!
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    Post zmax pro exploited.

    Hi I'm working on root with some others. Please wait patiently. Thanks.
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    Post [OP3+3T][ROM+KERNEL] Unofficial LineageOS 14.1 with custom kernel [January 09, 2020]

    No fix but just FYI quikpics is part of cheetah mobile and cheetah sells their users data without consent of the user.