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    Post Root without tripping knox.

    Do you have any idea how many times people have posted "I found root for this device!", then posted absolutely no actual proof, parroted some obscure and unrepeatable steps, and claimed, ironically, to be on vacation or away for some other reason and therefore unable to post more detail? It...
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    Post Root without tripping knox.

    KNOX will still be tripped. There's no known way to "untrip" knox. It's like a fuse. Even if it doesn't show as modified inside of android's settings, it will still show in ODIN mode.
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    Post Enable adoptable storage on your s7

    As with anything, it's often how you use it. If you don't fill your internal storage, then it's not "broken and completely useless." In fact, unless you load a ton of apps that prevent loading to the sdcard, it actually becomes difficult to fill internal storage once you move your data to...
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    Post found this ...... ROOT KERNEL

    Based on the filename, it's an engineering kernel for both the S7 and S7 Edge (which implies it came from samsung.) These kinds of files have traditionally been allowed to bypass the normal rules.. (similar to posting the original boot image on a device without source.)
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    Post found this ...... ROOT KERNEL

    With no references? No author? No information whatsoever? Not even the rar password? It might be extremely dangerous. Downloading random things and shoving them into the boot partition of your phone is... beyond stupid. (I'm actually surprised that a moderator didn't immediately delete...
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    Post Found a code...interesting....

    Please do NOT close this thread. Instead, just moderate the thread (and the people trolling it.) While I personally don't think this thread will go anywhere, the seemingly random directions that it's going MIGHT go someplace and MIGHT actually find something. Please remember that this is XDA...
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    Post Use Package Disabler Pro to Freeze apps without root! (including KNOX)

    In what way is it "much better"?
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    Post Enabling charging/notification LED

    No, sorry, I can't. I don't have a 6P. (In fact, I don't have the older nexus 6 anymore either.) Take care Gary
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    Post Firmware Question

    The SM-G930 never released with lollipop... It started on Marshmallow.
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    Post Share 100 Promotion codes of Package Disabler (SamSung) for all XDA members

    No links to reddit threads in question? While I don't instantly disbelieve you, you're a brand new user that's never even posted before who is making an accusation... (Of course, it does seem odd that the original app was pulled from the play store with no explanation.)
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    Post Just got a new update G935AUCU2APD1

    No need to post the same question in multiple threads. There's so little activity in the AT&T S7 section, that most of us read all the threads. You've been answered in the Q&A thread...
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    Post Any one with april update?

    Display Scaling does NOT appear in the display settings after the update. It is still accessible via alternate means (such as accessing via nova launcher, etc.)
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    Post Any one with april update?

    Samsung Pay works fine with the display scaling set to condensed (and did even before the April update.) Sent from one of my mobile devices.
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    Post Any one with april update?

    No change log, but the April update is available on the normal s7... Sent from one of my mobile devices.