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    Thread AOSP Development - Android 10 - Creating System Service

    Hello Everyone, This is regarding modifying AOSP and trying to add my own system service as part of the system for customized application. I have tried all the places I could from documentation on to trying to post a query on their official Google Groups and also tried out...
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    Post [Ask Any Question][Newbie Friendly]

    Extending Android OS Hey everyone, I am a student developer independently developing solutions for mobile platforms. Now I and one of my friend are trying to move a step ahead by creating a hardware + software solution. Basically we are in a process of creating a hub like device which can have...
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    Post [Q] Nokia Lumia 710 - Battery Life

    I bought the 710 previois month. Yeah! The battery capacity is not too high but still for me it stretches upto 14-17 hours during my normal usage that includes: -Always on EDGE connection. -Mail sync time set at 30 minutes. -40 mins to 1 hour surfing. -20 to 30 mins calling. -And some minutes of...
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    Post nokia lumia 710

    just bought 710 and this thread helped me a lot :) very informative :) Sent from my Lumia 710 using Board Express