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Recent content by gavster26

  1. gavster26

    Post [TOOL] [UPDATE 04/09/2015] Flashtool version - Windows / Linux / Mac

    Does flashtool still support 32 bit laptops
  2. gavster26

    Thread Xperia xz won't charge offline

    Hi all. My wifes xz won't offline charge. When she plugs the charger in it lights the led red for about 20 seconds then boots the white Sony logo then loops. I have replaced the USB C port but still does the same. Am I right in thinking it's a software problem or could it be another hardware...
  3. gavster26

    Post [TOOL] [UPDATE 04/09/2015] Flashtool version - Windows / Linux / Mac

    Which version of flashtool will I need to download
  4. gavster26

    Post [TOOL] [UPDATE 04/09/2015] Flashtool version - Windows / Linux / Mac

    Hi all. So i'm having a strange problem. I haven't used flashtool for quite a while. i tried updating to the latest version and its installing 64bit version when my system is 32bit. are 32bit systems not supported anymore.
  5. gavster26

    Post Input lag and possible fix (works for me).

    iKlutz I can't seem to find the resolution settings lol
  6. gavster26

    Post Touchscreen problems

    Any update on this issue. I've been having the same problem. I didn't have it on my xz. But this xzp is really starting to do my head in. Its been like this since I took it out of the box.
  7. gavster26

    Post [ROM] [M8,m8d] [7.1.2] [LOS-based] **crDroid**v3.8.5

    Hi im having a little problem gapps keep crashing. I installed them with the rom from external sd. I've tried fladhing rom and gapps numerous times but still no luck has anyone else had this problem. Thanks
  8. gavster26

    Post htc m8 wont boot

    which link mate. can the boot loader be unlock in this state
  9. gavster26

    Post htc m8 wont boot

    Tried all that mate. When I hard reboot it (power vol+) it stays stuck at htc one screen left it for 30min or so and still no boot. I tried to logcat while its booting but it won't logcat either. I really need the stock rom but unable to find it I have tried a few zips but got error wrong footer
  10. gavster26

    Post htc m8 wont boot

    Can the bootloader is locked bro so don't think that would work
  11. gavster26

    Post htc m8 wont boot

    Here it is
  12. gavster26

    Thread htc m8 wont boot

    hi all and happy new year. im having trouble getting my sisters phone to boot up it wont boot past htc one screen. I have tried wipping cache and factory reset in stock recovery it goes to android is upgrading but when it gets to finishing boot it hangs there constantly. I an a sony man so have...
  13. gavster26

    Post [ROM][6.0.1_r67][MTC20K][F2FS/EXT4]Android 6 AOSP on Grouper

    AndDiSa no I don't know what that is lol