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    Post possible to salvage my OPO

    Seems to me like a battery issue, it has lost its ability to hold charge. So, no you cannot "resurrect" it unless you're willing to get a new battery.
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    Post [ROM+KERNEL][7.1.2] Unofficial LineageOS 14.1 with 3.4.0 kernel [January 09, 2020]

    Wow, been so long. This is still alive!
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    Post Lockscreen Bypass [ANY Device][Android]

    Oh well, I haven't been active here lately. Have I? All you need to do is flash the .zip as is, nothing more. Should get the job done.
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    Post [ROM][9.0.0_r37] POSP v2.3 - bacon [OFFICIAL][WEEKLIES]

    Thanks for keeping the bacon going, team Potato Sauce
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    Post [ROM][8.1.0_r29] AOSP Oreo for OnePlus One [Discontinued][23/05/2018]

    Not talking about any dedicated sensors (what sensors actually? They're just in the iPhone X). OnePlus 3/3T/5/5T just use the camera and that's all we need (Again, iPhone X is just on another level with this). Also, we don't know yet what libraries or mechanism (software) does OnePlus uses to do...
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    Post [ROM][8.1.0_r29] AOSP Oreo for OnePlus One [Discontinued][23/05/2018]

    I don't know why but one of Oreo's most anticipated features' isn't working (for me). I'm talking about the contextually aware text selection dialog. Any thoughts?
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    Post [ROM][8.1.0_r29] AOSP Oreo for OnePlus One [Discontinued][23/05/2018]

    It's something I don't care about much and should be dealt with the least priority (for now). Just use nano, for the time being, guys. Also, my guess would be that it comes from GApps and you can get it on your device if you're using nano/pico. Just find out the package name and shove it in...
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    Post [ROM][8.1.0_r29] AOSP Oreo for OnePlus One [Discontinued][23/05/2018]

    You two are probably using different GApps package, and indslycon seems to use a bigger GApps package than Nano which includes Usage Alerts ( which is currently broken for us. indslycon please tell us what all did you flash? If you flashed anything above Nano, try using Nano.
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    Post Open Gapps 8.1 [Unofficial] - (ARM)[19/02/2018]

    Could you be kind enough to make Nano and Stock?
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    Post [ROM][8.1.0_r29] AOSP Oreo for OnePlus One [Discontinued][23/05/2018]

    So I read a few pages back, and got to know that the ROM doesn't really pass through SafetyNet by default. So could you please make these changes to some NFC file responsible for this, as mentioned by shantur here. Using Magisk is just another alternative but in my opinion the ROM should pass...
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    Post [ROM][8.1.0_r29] AOSP Oreo for OnePlus One [Discontinued][23/05/2018]

    Finally stable enough! Will wait for ~2 more months (or 3 major updates) and it's gonna be my daily driver. Good work people
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    Post [OFFICIAL][7.1] LineageOS 14.1 - OnePlus One [bacon]

    Thank you everyone for your kind wishes :)
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    Post [OFFICIAL][7.1] LineageOS 14.1 - OnePlus One [bacon]

    It's my birthday guys If you live around New Delhi, India hit me up ch.tush on Snapchat. I'll get ya a beer. Also feel free to invite me to parties involving liquor. I'm officially 18 today!
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    Post [OFFICIAL][7.1] LineageOS 14.1 - OnePlus One [bacon]

    Okay I'm changing my username back to Gawd.