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    Post Case review: dbrand Grip for Pixel 5

    its a good grippy case.. I love mine.
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    Post Video quality

    me too...
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    Post Pixel Buds or....?

    Im using Jabra Elite Active 75t (mostly for work calls) and Jabra Elite 85h (music on phone, watching TV and playing gaming on laptop).. both sounds amazing... ANC not the best in-class but the voice quality is top notch... they both pair easily to the pixel 5.
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    Thread Finally got EMUI10

    About dang time..
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    Post Open Camera now allows P20 PRO to record video using all lenses

    whats your max resolution for recording video using Camera2 API?
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    Post Open Camera now allows P20 PRO to record video using all lenses

    Quality seems not as good.. Also can not use Camera API 2, for high res to get extra control in manual mode.
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    Post Seriously no EMUI 10.1 for the P20 Pro?

    LOL you think Samsung or Xiaomi cares about software updates? Any company that produces 10+ lines of devices dont care about keeping up with updates.. only selling.... You want consistent updates, go with Apple, Google or even OnePlus, as they openly support 3rd party roms...
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    Post Thoughts on the P40 Pro

    No matter how good the phone is now, if it doesnt get updates, its dumb.
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    Post Stuck on July patch?

    I also was stuck on Aug but got 2 updates last night... I refreshed it a few more times hoping I would get Android 10 lolol
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    Post System settings update available [25/10/2019]

    you can correct that issue by restarting the phone... I notice this only happens if you try to use multi window for 2 apps
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][WEEKLY][10.0.0_r41] CarbonROM | CR-8.0 [MAKO][25 November 2020]

    Reboot into TWRP Format Data OTG flashdrive doesnt read. I have a 32gb (FAT32) with the rom and gapps, so I tried to sideload it and it stops saying my system partition size is too small
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    Post [REPARTITION] Nexus 4 Repartition [MAKO] [8GB/16GB] [UA TWRP]

    I was trying to install the CarbonRom and its saying my system partition is too small.. Will this fix the issue?
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][WEEKLY][10.0.0_r41] CarbonROM | CR-8.0 [MAKO][25 November 2020]

    I have a problem. TWRP isnt reading my 32gb flash drive and Im trying to sideload the rom and its saying the system partition is too small. I have TWRP installed.