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  1. geeksmurf

    Post Chrome 69 and mediapad

    I don't have the new UI on my US 10.8 or my phone for that matter. A LG G5. And both have 69 installed.
  2. geeksmurf

    Post Getting bootloader unlock code from Huawei

    Had to use Chrome but worked like a charm. Well it gave me a code. Haven't tested that yet
  3. geeksmurf

    Post Mediapad M5 wifi SHT-W09 pictures

    I'm getting about 80Mb down with BT off and 60Mb with it on connected and streaming stays at about 60Mb
  4. geeksmurf

    Thread 7VC

    Source code for 7VC has now been posted. Likely the typical security update but sure hoping it does something about my battery drain. Anyone else having really bad battery life? on 7VB?
  5. geeksmurf

    Post VoLTE

    Not to mention I think all carriers would just assume forget the G5. Doubtful any new features are ever added. Lucky we still get the occasional security update.
  6. geeksmurf

    Thread ZVB

    Wow looks like we shall be getting a ZVB update here shortly. LG have posted the source code for it.
  7. geeksmurf

    Post Get msl without sprint or root?<solved>

    That method no longer works on Nougat
  8. geeksmurf

    Post LG G5 LS992 Camera app crashes on launch

    Tried the app you mentioned and my picture is just fine. Of course you can't switch to wide angle. You can't in most 3rd part apps. You could try using the LG flash thingy and redo it. But odds are someone sold a defective phone on eBay cause that's how things go.
  9. geeksmurf

    Post LS992ZVA update soon

    Man Sprint just don't care any more I guess. They still haven't updated their weak attempt at a change log.
  10. geeksmurf

    Post LS992ZVA update soon

    What do you know, a security update from the current month.
  11. geeksmurf

    Post Wi-Fi Calling issues

    It's been working as accepted. No complaints here.
  12. geeksmurf

    Post LG g5 root on Android 7.0

    You can still have no ads, Adguard works amazingly well even blocks ads in apps.
  13. geeksmurf

    Post ZV9 Should Be Soon

    Release notes, hahahahah that's funny. They don't believe those should be public. lol Sprint just says Android Security Patches
  14. geeksmurf

    Post ZV9 Should Be Soon

    I don't think I have gottin the Amazon crash with the newest update but I well could have I have just came to except it. :/ Before the newest update it seemed to happen most for me right after plugging in the charger. And also I have all the Amazon crap disabled so it's rather odd.