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    Post [KERNEL][G96xx][PIE][2019-12-26] ** TGPKERNEL **[v2.12.4][4.9.207][CSK1]

    hey dude oh wow i did not saw that thats seem like a nice one this will work right ? i might give it a try and see : D thanks for your reply to
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    Post [KERNEL][G96xx][PIE][2019-12-26] ** TGPKERNEL **[v2.12.4][4.9.207][CSK1]

    yea im looking to use something old but im wondering if this is for the android 10 tho ? .... im also looking for stock oneui that are older builds based on old kernel .... so faar i have just found the exykings is there any alexis rom that are old version ? are also there any old version of...
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    Post [ROM][10.0][OneUI 2.5][G930X/G935X/N930X/N935X]FloydQ V6.0

    does this work for the galaxy s7 flat not edge to ?
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    Post [Alexis Rom 3.0_FUG4][04/08/2021][08/2021 Patches][G96xF/FD OneUI3.0 Apps Ported]

    i cant get this work it flashed but i have the same stock rom ??
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    Post Alpha ux v1 s9-g960f-fd

    hey is this the stock rom one ui ?
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    Post Custom ROM vs Stock One UI ROM

    might been a late reply but ofcourse a customized custom rom will have better battery life and some other benefits ...
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    Post [ROM] LeeXDA_Rom for Galaxy S9 & S9+ [Q] [FTK1]

    hey Leexda i have the exynos s9 im on Usb3 firmware android 10 would this be save if i would flash it ? edit : works fine guys im trying it now xd
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    Thread hello im new s9 user any custom stock one ui rom ?

    hello all im new here coming from s7 since here its very low going on i cant find much of roms and kernels to try im wondering if there is any custom lite rom thats based on the stock one ui 10 i really hope there is one .... and in the case there is any rom like that what is the easiest...
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    Post Finally a new working Google Camera app..?

    Diggah was ist das bild im attach in diesen read file was soll man damit machen bringt das etwas XD ahh ja also meinst du v5 ist besser ? i wie kann ich keine gute finden die perfeckt past ... da wahr mall eine seite wo es verschieden von google cams versionen gab für das exynos hab leider...
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    Post [Unofficial] [Discussion] [Samsung Galaxy S7, S8] [Xposed]

    i tired to flash xposed from magisk in oreo stock got in bootlop so there is no xposed our device huh ?
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    Post Search stable Kernel for Android 8.0

    I recommend moro kernel from my own experience I had never a problem with the latest one that is 7.1 has a great battery life and a beast performance, stable did not see any problem (even overclocked small kernels) actually it's better than the tunder one for me it drains a lot more battery...