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    Post Touch screen not working after restoring to stock.

    try updating fastboot on your computer. I believe older versions of fastboot cause errors. I had a similar issue where after going back to stock my keyboard wouldn't show emoji. My issue was fixed by updating fastboot and then flashing back stock software.
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    Post paranoid Android back to stock 10.3.0?

    Does TWRP work with 10.30? I couldn't get mine to boot TWRP once I went to 10.30
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    Post Screen on time

    Battery life has been really good for me. Got 6.5 hours SOT with 20% remaining. Took the phone off the charger at 7am and made it to 10pm. I do disable AOD and reach to wake feature.
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    Post Already unlocked bootloader on my pixel 4 XL

    I just turned off Reach to check phone. Now I can pick it up without it unlocking right away. It'll still unlock once the screen completely turns on though.
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    Post [ROM] [UNOFFICIAL] Lineage OS 16.0 -- 8/10/19

    updated. Should work with August vendor now.
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    Post [ROM] [UNOFFICIAL] Lineage OS 16.0 -- 8/10/19

    1) Aroma would be an issue with twrp. 2) did you perform a data wipe? Also, I think you need to be in July vendor.
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    Post [ROM] [UNOFFICIAL] Lineage OS 16.0 -- 8/10/19

    Honestly I synced against Pipyui repos but his is from DU so I guess theirs will work as well.
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    Post [ROM] [UNOFFICIAL] Lineage OS 16.0 -- 7/10/19

    thanks to OP and Gee One I was able to get a 3a XL version built. Link
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    Thread [ROM] [UNOFFICIAL] Lineage OS 16.0 -- 8/10/19

    What This Is This is a personal project to get Lineage OS running on my Pixel 3a XL. I got the idea to build it from this thread of the Pixel 3a . It seems to suffer the same short comings of the 3a version in the link provided. What's Been Tested So far tested on T-Mobile (at least) with Nano...
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    Post [ROM] [UNOFFICIAL] Lineage OS 16.0 -- 7/10/19

    I was finally able to get lineage working for pixel 3a xl. testing not to see what works and what doesn't.
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    Post [ROM] [UNOFFICIAL] Lineage OS 16.0 -- 7/10/19

    gotcha, it's cool. I pulled out one of my laptops and got a build environment setup. Since I haven't built lineage in a long time I'm having trouble as well. Got Breakfast bonito going with no errors but cant get proprietary stuff without errors. maybe we can exchange notes.