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    Post [ROM][9.0.0_r40] AospExtended ROM V6.6 [UNOFFICIAL]

    I didn't find the link Edit: I found it, but it doesn't work
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    Post [ROM][9.x][arm64][UNOFFICIAL] CarbonROM 7.0

    I think nobody use this rom because it has the SIM problem, at least in XT1635-02. For me (XT1635-02) SIM does not work and it always power off, it does not stay on.
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    Post [ROM][9.x][arm64][UNOFFICIAL] CarbonROM 7.0

    The update has the same problem for me (always power off and no sim) in XT1635-02
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    Post [ROM][arm][addison] AOSiP 9

    Through Magisk Manager, I searched it in Downloads section
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    Post [ROM][arm][addison] AOSiP 9

    Rooting causes bootloop for me
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    Post [TREBLE][addison][OFICIAL][PIE][9.0.0_r38]XPerience 13.0

    Can you add more personalization? Like Resurrection Remix or AOSiP
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    Thread [BOOTLOGO] Motorola logo, white background [Hides N/A]

    Hi! This is a bootlogo for addison. Pic: DOWNLOAD HERE Install: fastboot flash logo logomotorolabyn.bin - If you want a custom bootlogo with the image that you want, just tell me and I will do it :D
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    Post [BOOTLOGO] - Boca Juniors and River Plate- For Moto Z play

    Que maestro loco, gracias!! Thank you man!