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  • I've try F version

    I feel like but I use HTC Touch HD 1 Volume control I got 1 bar system volume bar not appear

    and I tryto install HTC Dual Volume Control Fix.cab but not show system volume bar

    How can I do fix it?

    Thank for Taskbar skin
    Hey gfreek

    Read you are going to switch to an HD2 - cool, I'm looking forward to your taskbar icons for it, because I simply love 'em and am switching as well; I'd hate to have to do without. ;)

    help please, i cant uninstall the brain taskbar that i installed previously...the system shows errors and cant removed it...please help me...i want to install the newest version of brain taskbar..
    hey gfreek,

    iam working on a own taskbar and have all ready
    but i don´t can find a tutorial or a good program to create a .cab and i hope you can give me some introductions or a good link?! or can you say me which program you are using?

    here is a screen from my taskbar

    or use the direct link

    thanks man
    Hi i really like the diamond gold skin, but i cant find the way to set the task bar and the windows logo just like your pictures (the % and colored bat icon, the green speaker...). Everything´s right but this. i´ve try changing configuration in m2dc without resoults.
    Please ¿can you help me?
    best regars
    I really like the diamond gold blend theme. I have 3 email accounts under mail tab and when I try to switch between them Touch Flo restarts every time. Some themes do it and some don't. Just wondering if this a known issue or is there a fix for it. Great theme though.
    Hi. Do you have that M2D skin which appeared in G's S series ROM available as a cab or other download? I love it!!

    dear gfreek
    i very like your m2d skin ,"diamond gold blend.zip ",but i can't download from you send link i think ,i network have problem .... could you please send me mail ? thank you very much ...
    my mail :[email protected] thanks ...thanks...thanks .......
    Whats up guy ..., really diggin the diamond gold but for some reason it freeze's up whenever you slide over to the SmS tab ..... wondering if there was something you could do about this ? Thanks in advance
    i used the cab dated 11/22.. the today screen just shows "tap here to launch touchflo".. And using the remove programs app, neither of your clock cabs will uninstall..

    Hi...I really like your Carbon proV2 theme...however I was wondering if it is possible to have a dialer skin taht would match it

    please get back to me..

    awesome work

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