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    Post Emui 12 [Global] Huawei P30 (ELE)

    I was thinking of updating my mother p30 to EMUI 12 but I had installed the official call recorder (EU phone so it is disabled by default). From posts about other huawei model it seems that emui 12 require a new recorder that also seems to produce the recording alert signal for the other person...
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    Post Camera bug in dex

    more or less all useless. Do you have an s21? You know that s21 does not even have sd card, right?
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    Post Factory Reset - restoring any configuration/settings?

    Good Lock is an app that you can download from the Galaxy Store. It lets you customize lockscreen, AOD, Quick Panel, launcher, task changer, notifications, navigation bar and much more.
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    Post Factory Reset - restoring any configuration/settings?

    SmartSwitch creates more problems in my opinion (but I had a Huawei so that could have also been a problem) and google backup is still an obscure thing for me (compare to ios backup). Usually the battery improves after few days but don't expect 10hrs screen time. This is what I did with mine to...
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    Thread Camera bug in dex

    The camera was working fine in dex but as soon as I tryed to put it in full screen the app went in opening loop and doesn't work anymore. It won't even let me remove the fullscreen. I tried to clear cache and all data of the camera app and of dex but nothing helped (this doesn't happen with...
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    Thread Video stabilization problem

    I was trying to compare samsung camera with some gcam versions and when I activated video stabilization in stock camera, just before recording a video, the image quality degradated a lot, it was almost blurry. Is it a bug that came out with last update? If I remove the stabilization I have 0...
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    Post Swipe from bottom gesture is bugged

    Sorry since I don't have problems with the keyboard I have just realized your problem. To solve it go in Setting > General management >Keyboard list and default: here just switch on "keyboard button on navigation bar" and "Show button hide keyboard". By activating these two options your keyboard...
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    Post Swipe from bottom gesture is bugged

    Go to Settings > Display > Navigation Bar. Here try to activate Gesture hints; then open more options in "Swipe gestures" and increase Gesture sensibility. I also found usefull to download "Good Lock" from the Galaxy store. There in Home Up> Task Changer I activated "Allow bottom gestures in...
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    Post S21 GCam Ports

    Ok ty. Will try
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    Post S21 GCam Ports

    The xml is for the Ultra not s21/s21+.
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    Post Issues with the battery life :(

    I can confirm that setting 3G/2G stops the battery drain. At least while waiting for the fix we have a solution. Yesterday I went to sleep with phone at 30% and this morning it was dead. :mad: